Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lost Direction

There was wide spread speculation for the past month, news out of the UK seemed grim. With their visit to South African shores confirmed for this year everyone was wondering what would happen to that as well. They're possibly the biggest stars in their segment to come out of England and have a global fan base of millions so if one member of this male outfit was to be taken out, it would surely be an end to a great legacy.

No I'm not talking about Zayn  leaving One Direction, I'm talking about Jeremy Clarkson being fired by the BBC!

Let's face it, he is an ass of the highest order. A pompous idiot with the mentality of a 12 year old that has to have his way or he's on the highway in a very, very expensive car. Regardless of all of this, we still loved him! He and his co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May became global TV icons for motoring.  People watched BBC Top Gear and treated everything they said as gospel because they would know best right? Well that wasn't always the case as it was quite obvious certain things were bias to their preferences.

No one will ever disagree when I say Jezza made Top Gear, as much as Richard and James contributed, the "fat Orangutan" as Richard fondly  called him was the star of the show. It's a pity his idiot traits proved to be his biggest downfall. Information soon surfaced about what the "fracas" was about.  Apparently while filming for this current season everyone was to eat cold food for dinner which didn't bode well for Jeremy so he attacked the producer!  He punched him in the mouth and continued to attack him for 30 seconds until people had to separate them!

What the fuck Jezza? That's worse than a Madonna complex! It was also learned that this same producer had to put up with verbal abuse from Jeremy for the past 5 years but because he knew what a gold mine he was, he never reported it to the BBC,  in fact he didn't even report the "fracas", Jeremy went and owned up to his misdemeanour. He tried to apologise for his behaviour but let's be honest,  not even physically kissing ass could get you out of this mess. Now no one likes a bully and I don't care who you are but you don't behave like that, as they say "sometimes sorry is not enough".

We all have our downfalls and it's a pity that due to Jeremy's, we all have to suffer because of it. His contract will not be renewed and it's most likely that this current season of Top Gear won't be completed so that means we won't see the greatest hypercar race in the world. It's an end of an era for sure and even if the 3 stooges do come up with their own show, given the millions they have already made,  I somehow doubt it will be as good. With regards to Top Gear Live,  we haven't heard anything as yet from the organisers but I'm sure a statement would be released soon.

It's a sad way to end such a great show, it grew from a boring car show with a handful of people in the crowd into a car entertainment spectacular with the show offering season tickets for the live studio audiences! We're going to miss the fun and shenanigans the show brought to us, not forgetting the speed, power and MOAR POWER! It certainly was the greatest the world. And on that bombshell, farewell Jezza.

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