Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bucket Seat: The new X1

When BMW first introduced their X1 to the world in 2009, I got to be honest, it was nice that they dived into that sector of the market but it wasn't their best looking car and in essence didn't live up to all that was needed in being a BMW. Fast forward to 2015 where the German manufacturer have released pictures of its all new X1 model and damn does it look flippin fantastic!

On closer inspection, BMW have borrowed quite a bit of the styling from the face lift 1 series with the front and rear lights bearing an uncanny resemblance but with a bulked up body and bigger chassis the new X1 finally looks the part and can stand proud with its other X brothers, not look like a crumby station wagon. 

I suppose I'm being a bit harsh on the out going X1, it was a pretty nice vehicle and I did do a nice road trip with some mates in one but like all things old, something new and better comes along and judging by its succeeder, it's getting a whole lot better. 5 new engines in total for the X1 range, all brand new from the BMW stable, all are 4 cylinders, 2 of which being petrol and 3 diesel. Great to see the diesel range being expanded in this one and will surely be a market contender to its rivals such as the Q3 and GLA.

The interior is pretty standard with what BMW are doing in all their models, I like it and firmly believe they should stick with what works.I'm sure we'll see a change in that with the launch of the new 7 series later on in the year. The X1 will hit our local market by October this year and I personally cannot wait to see what it has to offer as I think this could very well be my next car. 

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