Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bucket Tech: Nokia 3310 - The Resurrection

Yesterday Nokia announced that it will be making one of it's famed model cellular telephones again, the 3310. Many websites reported it being "back from the dead", but did the phone really ever die? The popular model from the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer developed a cult status as the "never say die" phone in the early 2000's, with battery life lasting for over a week and what seemed like an unbreakable build even though the split faces popped out, no real damage was done to the body. The phone was also one of the smallest on the market, with a great design, feel and look, it also had changeable covers to make it the ultimate fashion accessory. Ever since the introduction of smartphones, models like the 3310 tend to fall away to the side with limited features and most importantly, no internet access. 

For some reason the phones popularity began to rise again of late through internet memes, many of which depicted the phone as the God among phones, with it's great battery life, such memes showed the phone being found buried somewhere for many years with it still have 90% battery life, or some memes showing buildings or floors breaking when the phone was dropped onto it. Whilst this was all great and funny, we never imagined the actual manufacturer to go back and build the phone again. Nokia say they will build a modern version of the device to sell, which would retail for about 59 Euros, that's roughly R850, Now while we don't exactly know what this new 3310 would be like, it is said to have the key features that made it great, i.e good build quality and great battery life. 

The device is said to launch later this month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Now I have my doubt's about this device, if it is just a 3310, it won't be the most practical phone around. It would be used purely for texting and calling, yes for the older generation it would have been perfect 2 years ago but with many in the late 60's to 80's age bracket adapting to modern technology and making use of applications like Skype, Whatsapp and Face Time, what would a phone like this be of use to them? Also, have you ever tried making your smartphone dumb? That is turning off data and reducing it to just GSM connectivity? You'd be surprised at how long your phone battery will last, at most some could go on for 10 times longer than usual.

For some, the nostalgia of owning a 3310 again might be something great and Nokia could have a great product on their hand in terms of re-marketing itself as a global competitor after the Microsoft disaster but I honestly don't see the need for this phone unless you planning on having it as an emergency phone stored away somewhere in a break-glass case when the Zombie Apocalypse begins. 

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