Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Keeping Up With The Kandasamy's

Last week Thursday saw the premiere for the much anticipated local movie "Keeping Up With The Kandasamy's" and I was one of the fortunate few to get a pre-screening of the movie before it's official release date on March 3rd. I went into the screening with a my mind made up on what the movie would be like as we've become accustomed to what to expect when it came to local productions but I left astounded at what I saw. 

Keeping Up With The Kandasamy's was nothing like what I expected and really was a great and enjoyable movie. The production was top quality, story line was brilliant as well as the acting. It featured a host of well known actors and actresses as well as introduced us to some new ones. Directed by Jayan Moodley, the story is loosely based on a forbidden love between the children of neighbors who do not see eye-to-eye in the suburb of Chatsworth. The mothers played by Jayaloshni Naidoo and Maeshni Naicker are central to the story line, where they were once close friends but now foes, but put aside their differences to try and separate their kids, played by Madhushan Singh and Mishqah Parthiephal, who are madly in love with each other. Jayaloshni was teacher of mine in high school, so it was great seeing her on the big screen. 

The movie offers light-hearted comedy with the added Durban twist, and is certainly a must for all. Jayan says this movie is a love letter to Chatsworth and it's just that, while this tale does depict a story of two families its also an ode to the township where Indians were shunted to back in Aparthied but the area flourished because of the togetherness and perseverance of the community. The movie showcases many of the local attractions in Chatsworth, giving the audience an experience like they've just visited the place. 

It was a great night out at the movies, and getting to meet some of the stars of the production was pretty cool too. Overall it's one of those feel good movies that you know isn't going to win any major awards but leaves you feeling happy inside.  I'm no Barry Ronge but I'd give the movie a scintillating seven, be sure to pre-book your tickets now!

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