Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Choon: Borgeous, Loud Luxury - Going Under

As we all struggle to get Monday going after the madness of Ultra weekend, there's nothing like some mellow deep house to soothe the mind. Today's featured track is a bit old, but so damn good I had to feature it. Okay it isn't that old, it was released last year in September and no I didn't miss it, at the time when I heard it, it didn't catch as something I'd like but it got embedded in my head and when I recently heard it again, I was like "why didn't I like this song? its fantastic!". It's by American DJ Borgeous who teamed up with Loud Luxury who had their track "say something" featured the other week on the blog. The music video is equally great which is all shot in POV of one crazy island holiday and we have it all here for you. 

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