Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday Choon: Dani Bagel - Where Did We Go Wrong

The Cartel Label from Cape Town dropped another fresh hit last week, this time it's a first time single for singer Dani Bagel, We first heard her  when she was featured on Keegan John Moore's track "Lay It On Tonight" or via her Instagram videos where she's often singing while playing the piano. After some hard work in the studio with composer and producer Ameen Harron, Bagel's track "Where Did We Go Wrong" is now out. It's a great song, mellow sounding and a chilled base line with the vocals stealing the show. Another awesome local production that we hope to hear on the local radio waves pretty soon. 


  1. Love this song!!!!

  2. I must say when I heard this song I immediately thought it was an American hit which was just released, struggling for a week to find this song , googling like crazy and only to find out this amazing voice is from Cape Town , wow DanI where have you been hiding ??? We want more tracks and the producer has chosen the best sound for her voice amazing backtrack I'm impressed. ....just love it