Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bucket Seat: BMW 6 Series GT

After BMW released images on the up coming 8 Series Concept, all seemed right in the world. The brand had finally shook off the weirdness that a previous designer *cough* Chris Bangle *cough* left with them. The cars they were producing were stunning, elegant and sporty but then late last week something dreadful happened, something that many couldn't fathom why or what could have provoked this but it did happen. At first I thought it was some sort of joke and a really good render from one of the German Automobile magazines, as they do tend to do this sort of thing quite often but on closer inspection, it wasn't a render, it looked like a legit car, and it was the 6 Series GT. 

Now take everything what you know about the 6 Series since it's rebirth in 2004, even with Bangle at the helm of design, the car still looked great. It was a super coupe, if I may call it that, something that exudes luxury but in a sports form. It then progressed into the modern day Sports Coupe but still kept that rich luxury associated with the car and then BMW released the creme da ala creme, the 6 Series Gran Coupe, which for me still remains one of the best cars that they have produced. Now after stopping production of the 6 Series Coupe and Gran Coupe, they gone and slapped a GT badge to this much famed model. 

Look, it saddens me to an extent to see the 6 Series go down this mundane line but I shot myself in the foot before with the 5 Series GT, I recall calling it the Quasimodo of the BMW line up but then I actually got my ass into one and to say I was left red faced is an understatement. That car blew me away from what it had to offer, on the inside it was a limousine, everything crafted to perfection, the seats were like sofas, the carpet was like thick shaggy pile carpet, finishes and fixtures were of high quality. It was as close to a Rolls Royce a BMW has come to, it's almost as if they designed the inside of the car first then sort of just made do with something on the outside. The engine wasn't too shabby either as I had the 3.0 liter 535iGT so it had a lot of grunt, it needed it to log around that big chassis. 

Which brings me to the new BMW 6 Series GT, yes I don't exactly approve of what is basically a 5 Series GT getting re-badged into the 6 Series line but at the same time I know what what to expect from this car and I'm 99% sure it's going to blow me away as well. There's been a tonne of negative press coming out from this model and while the introduction of this piece might seem that way as well , I'm going to try and flip the coin on it and say this could be a game changer in the battle between the German giants. None of the auto-manufacturers have a car like the GT in their stable, yes Audi does have the A7 but it's more of a sports fast back than a GT car. The GT has a raised ride height and a spacious cabin similar to that of an SUV but all the luxuries of the super saloon. While it may not be aesthetically pleasing on the outside, once inside it could have you feeling like Royalty. 

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