Friday, August 25, 2017

Bucket Tech: Nokia 8

Some of you may remember in January this year I did a post on the Nokia 6, while we were all excited that Nokia had resurrected themselves and got back into the market, our joy was soon turned to disappointment when it was announced that the phone would only be available in China. Then even worse news came out, they remade the 3310, and it was crap! Look, for what it's worth, the 3310 does the job but guys, no, the phone in our modern day lacks what we all need in a phone. While Nokia's new lease on life in the mobile industry looked dead an dreary. this week they released its flagship device, the Nokia 8. 

They didn't have to try hard to impress us after releasing the 3310 but from what I've read about the 8, it sounds like a fantastic device. First lets start off with the manufacturing process of the device. The Nokia 8 undergoes a rigorous 40-stage process of machining, anodizing and polishing, this makes for a very attractive looking product. The entire unibody is made from polished aluminium and available in a host of colours. Nokia say the phone is designed to fit into the palm of your hand. 

While the primary use for a phone would be to make phone calls, in the era we living in, it seems like the primary use is to capture lifes moments. Yes, everyone loves to document their daily activities, whether they're stuck in traffic, eating some thing that looks good and tastes good, or just take selfies with friends. If you're one of them, you'll be glad to know that Nokia's partnership with Zeiss optics still exists, and the Nokia 8 comes with a 13MP Zeiss optics camera...on the front and back. Why you ask? Well another common feature from Social Media apps that is taking off is the live feature, with the Nokia 8, it features dual image fusion, where it combines the rear and the front facing camera and splits the image in half, one half showing what the rear wide angle dual lens see's and the front showing whatever the front camera see's. Its pretty cool and works great with broadcasting live. 

With recording, the Nokia 8 records everything in 4K and features Nokia OZO spatial 360 degree audio. Nokia believes that videos aren't always about what you see but also what you hear, with this new feature it will focus on audio that happens around you and accentuates the right sounds while reducing ambient sounds or background noise. The screen on the Nokia 8 is a 5.3" 2K display that offers ultra-vivd colours and superb clarity. 

With Nokia adopting the Android OS now, this is their most powerful device they have built for this software. The Nokia 8 has a Qualcomm Snapdrago 835 Mobile Platform, engineered to deliver exceptionally long battery life, something that we need dearly right now and they also added a full length copper cooling pope with graphite shield to dissipate system heat across the body of the phone, so you won't have your phone heating up, which is also a common problem in most smart phones on the market. The phone comes with 64GB of storage space and with all the Google add on's that come with the OS, you'd have access to Google Drive with ample space on your cloud. If you require more space, the Nokia 8 also can take a MicroSD card with support up to 256GB. 

The talk about this phone sounds really impressive, while Nokia isn't as Swedish as we know it to be with a large majority of the company being owned by a Chinese company, they certainly look like keeping up that legacy with this device. Pricing on the phone doesn't seem to bad either with suggested pricing in the region of R9,499 on Prepaid or about R449 a month on contract from Cellucity, ask confirmed by MyBroadband

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