Sunday, August 13, 2017

Monday Choon: Don Diablo - Momentum

Probably one of the biggest rising DJ's in the EDM world right now? I'm not alone in sharing that sentiment, many others feel the same way. Don Diablo has quickly affirmed himself released hit after hit and this blog is proof, I think this is the 3rd song of his that I'm featuring in the space of 2 months but how could I not? It's good music and it needs to be heard. His live set at Tomorrowland was nothing short of incredible and having his mom come onto stage was just he cherry on the top. The guy deserves all the credit he's getting, many say he's just reworking old songs, yes but its damn good reworks, much like todays featured track. Taking an oldie from Fatboy Slim and bringing it up to date but with that unique Don Diablo syle. The music video for Momentum was released a couple weeks ago with many of the worlds top DJ's in it, and we have it for you today!

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