Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Suncoast Casino Shines Again!

As most of you know, Suncoast Casino and Entertainment world has been undergoing renovations and extension over the past year, with the Casino set to be expanding, more parking and a whole new food court coming up. Last night I was invited to the launch of the refurbished Casino area, where we could get to see what the overall look of the new gambling floor was to look like. 

Suncoast has always been one of Durban's star attractions, and the packed crowds prove this point. With Durban always having that Miami vibe, it was with this in mind that the Casino was developed in an Art-Deco theme, this transcends from the exterior to the interior, with the bright colours, neon lights and lavish decor. With the new look Casino, much of this transpired with that, and while renovations are not 100% complete yet, we could see the difference between the old and the new. 

The new area is much brighter, this just highlights the extent of the refurb as it brings out the colours in the new plush carpets, makes the granite embedded in the new tables sparkle and the columns which are decorated lavishly marble just illuminate in it all. Apart from the new tables, Suncoast have also brought in some new slot machines for those that prefer thrill they bring. Overall the new look is definitely a good one but we were not just there to look at the new Casino but were also offered to try our luck at a bit of gambling, with the winner taking home R2500 for a charity of their choice. 

We started off with Black Jack, after a brief intro by our dealer it was time to knuckle down and win some money....for charity of course. It seems like the cards were not on my side though, as I was broke by the last hand, not to worry, I had a chance to redeem myself in the next game, roulette! Now I don't gamble often but when I do, I do fancy the spinning wheel on the roulette table, as luck would have it, the ball was bouncing in my favour as I turned my R1000 worth of chips into R4940 after 7 spins! I was in the lead for a short-while before I was pipped off by another player. Into to the finals we went, Black Jack was the game to decide it all, I did much better than my first round, ending off with R1500, but falling short by R50 of claiming the prize. 

It was a great night, loads of fun, tasty food which was catered by Suncoast's very own Cafe Vigor. The new Casino area is looking fantastic, even if you aren't an avid gambler it is certainly worth a trip to see, and while you're there you can have a look at the changes that have been made to the food court and Suncoast beach. 

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