Friday, November 16, 2018

Entertainer 2019

Last night we attended the Durban launch of the Entertainer 2019, at a 60's themed party at Buff Parlour in Umhlanga. The event was to launch the 2019 edition of the much loved app which allows the buyer to make use of 1000's of buy one get one free offers. Speaking at the launch, Tyrone Rothwell, the country manager for the Entertainer South Africa said that Durban has shown phenomenal growth for them in the past year, with a percentage of 157%!  Other cities including Johannesburg and Cape Town have also shown a great growth margin but Durban led the pack and its with that, they've decided to bring you more on offer for the new year. With over a 1000 various offers, ranging from food, drinks, beauty and travel if one had to make use of every single deal on the app, it would give you a combined saving or approximately R5.5million!

I've been personally making use of the app since I got it last year, and saved a lot on a night out with them having most of my favourite spots available on there. The great thing about the app now is that you can save not only just for food and drinks but also beauty treatments, sporting activities and travel. The list of partners is ever growing and it is an investment that will pay itself out within two or three times by using the app. It really is a no brainer if you're one that frequents going out, with the number of deals and the variety on offer, it will have something for everyone. 

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