Friday, July 16, 2021

Its been a week....

Apologies for the break in programming, its been a week many would like to forget. Scenes that played out in my home town are ones we never would like to see ever again. It's still not over as there are flare ups being reported as I type this but for the most of it, it seems to be over. The criminality and destruction was definitely uncalled for, while we understand the plight of the poor, the manner in which the riots and looting took place was utterly disgraceful. Businesses destroyed, buildings lie in tatters while smoke still bellows from the reminisce of factories and warehouses. 

Strength of communities working together to protect themselves and their loved ones during such trying times is inspiring. We shall not forget how we were let down by our Government, not now, not ever. While the criminal elements were left to do what they wanted to, without facing the mighty arm of the law gave them a sense of strength over the rest but as always the good conquers the evil and they day will come. We stood day and night protecting what is our and making sure it didn't fall victim to their treacherous acts. 

Things we take for granted became a whole new hurdle to get over, queueing in lines from the early morning, praying to get the bare essentials by the time you reached the store. For many, it was always not the case but credit goes out to the numbers for holding their own. Not giving up and for keeping it together when it was needed the most. 

We will clean up and rebuild but those responsible for this need to pay, I'm not talking about the looters, I'm talking about the criminal master minds, the puppet masters to orchestrated these devious acts and merely sat by in their mansions while the chaos unfolded. They fueled the fire by their social media posts and commended the destruction, they must pay for the many lives they've ruined.  

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