Monday, July 19, 2021

Monday Choon: Leonard A & Pavel Koreshkov - Frozen Dream


We're back to normal programming this week and as ever on a Monday we bring you the latest in Electronic Dance Music, today we have an interesting collaboration from little known DJ's Leonard A of Mexico and Pavel Koreshkov of Russia. In today's exclusive we have an interview with Leonard just to find out more about himself, his music and how he and Pavel hooked up to provide us with such a great track that is Frozen Dream. 

Q & A with Leonard A

1. Who is Leonard A?

- Leonard A is a project that I started about 6 years ago, Leonard derived from my name Leonardo and the 'A' comes from my last name 'Anya'.

2. What inspired you to become a DJ/ Producer?

- I was inspired by many artists but I think that without a doubt the greatest influence was the music and talent of DJ Tiesto. At the time of the 2000s when I was just a teenager, I had his in concert 2 DVD and that was when I began to see how wonderful it was to get people on the dance floor. 

3. Being from Mexico, what is the dance music scene like there?

- It is good, to tell the truth I have heard that many of the great DJs love to come to festivals in Mexico because of the reception of the Mexican public. It is difficult for new talents to grow unlike in Europe, but believe me people support when they see that you are good at this. 

4. Your track Frozen Dream which we have featured today, you teamed up with Pavel from Russia, how did the two of your work together in producing this track track given the current restrictions the world is under?

- Well one day I received an email in my inbox from Sound Cloud and well it was from Pavel, he showed me his new track just finished and he wanted me to place some of my touches on it, although it changed more than 50% of the original structure but I think we achieved a good result and all this thanks to current technology, being able to send steam through the internet is a great advantage and communication thanks to social networks makes work much easier from your studio.

5. What can we expect next from you?

- I have not decided this year but I am thinking of taking my production to another level, more melodic trance, you know the days ago I was listening to the new album of 'Shingo Nakamura' and I was fascinated by how beautiful it sounds. I want to work on something like that and be able to start releasing some of that in Monstercat Silk. At the moment I have some tracks to finish and I hope to be able to sign them before the end of the year. Several remixes and music with great artists are coming.

The track Frozen Dream is amazing and from the first time I heard it on Andrew Rayel's weekly podcast Find Your Harmony, I was itching for it to be released and now that it has, I just wanted to share it with everyone to enjoy for themselves. 

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