Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympic Beauties

As most of you, the Olympics has gotten the most attention by me since its started and as said in my previous post I'll watch just about anything! Now being a sporting event theres bound to be a lot of fit people, as in physically fit but there is also quite a few that are blessed with good looks to go with their epically hot bodies! This may not be all but heres a few from the various sports.

Yana Maksimava
The 22 year old Belarusian took part in the ladies heptathlon, missed out to Britains Jessica Ennis so I thought I'd give her a spot on my list. 

Lolo Jones
The USA athlete who is competing in the 100m hurdles in this years Olympics is quite the stunner and at 30 years of age this might be the last time you spot her at the games.

Anastasia Vasina
Beach volleyball and Russia shouldn't be in the same sentence but Anastasia might convince you otherwise. 

Hope Solo
Another team USA athlete makes the list and I just couldnt leave her out, probably the one keeper you want to score the most against...

Yelena Isinbayeva
The 30 year old Russian oozes hotness and can handle that pole like nobody else. Pity she missed out on gold this year.

Darya Klishina  
 Shes a long jumper but looks like she belongs on the cover of an FHM, this Russian athlete will win gold every time if she had to be judged on looks! 

Stephanie Rice
An Australian but we dont mind because shes hot! The pool is the place you can find her but seeing that all the events are over we just have to wait till the next one.

Leryn Franco
She could have been a super model but she chose to be a javelin thrower instead. Representing Paraguay in the Olympics and with looks like that its hard to believe shes 30!

Tania Cagnotto
I cried when the Italian narrowly missed out on a bronze medal in the women's individual diving. Such a talent it was a shame that the Olympic medal illuded her yet again!

Sandra Izbasa
This Romanian won my heart over and if given the chance I'd make her my wife! She picked up a gold medal for her efforts in the gymnastics, a true champion and hottie!

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