Tuesday, April 2, 2013

POTY 2013: Alexis Fox

Former Bucket Babe Alexis Fox was named the October 2012 playmate for Playboy Mag SA and had everyone drooling over her shoot. The beauty from Hillcrest,still has many on twitter waiting in anticipation for her Frisky Friday pics and although shes heading for greener pastures in Cape Town, we hope she still remains a loyal Sharks supporter! She was recently voted as one of the top 3 contenders competition for the title of "Playmate Of The Year 2013" and she needs your help to get her the top prize!

"Playmate of the Year is a life long dream for me and I'm so close to having it come true. To me the playmate of the year is much more than just a pretty face, she represents what Playboy stands for, strong, confident and beautiful women who love to have a good time. Inspiring others and always happy to help others in need. Help me reach my dream so I can help others to reach theirs!"   
- Alexis Fox

Here's how you can help Alexis, simply visit the link: http://playboy.co.za/playmate-of-the-year-2013/ and vote, you can vote as many times as you like and voting is free! You are however required to register before voting, so make sure you, its quick and easy.

And if you needed any more reason to vote for her, click here for a behind the scenes video from her shoot!

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