Friday, November 29, 2013

Nokia: Project Come Closer

We take pictures because we want to capture that moment in time that we were having, it's like a piece of time frozen that we can always lookup and reminisce that past. What if there was a way you could recreate the past? Take your favourite picture, whether it be a holiday, a time with friends or family and  Nokia could recreate that moment for you!

"We'd like to take people on a journey to recreate their fondest memories and reunite them with friends and family. Thanks to our leading imaging technology, Nokia owners always have the ability to capture quality images of special moments no matter where or when they occur, and enjoy the promise of keeping these memories for a lifetime. To celebrate this, we are asking South Africans to share their photos with us so that we might recreate the original picture, with the incredible Nokia Lumia 1020," says Justin Maier, Nokia's head of marketing in South and East Africa.

How? Well its very easy, simply tweet a picture of a memory that you would like to recreate and add the hashtag #MediaMemories and add the link to the tweet. You can tweet as many pictures as you would like.

I will also be partaking in this project and if I win, I can chose one lucky reader to recreate their memory that has been captured in a photograph! Good luck and happy tweeting, sharing those moments in your life that you could experience again.

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