Tuesday, February 4, 2014

At the end of the day...

Year by year the transfer windows get more and more hyped up by the media. Its a great spectacle to witness but can be nerve wrecking for fans. For example Liverpool FC, two main targets for the winter transfer window but didn't sign anyone. Disappointing? Yes, do  I blame the club? No. Why you may ask? Well, if you're a fan, you wouldn't know the goings on in the background during these "talks" so its difficult to pass comment on what transpired but I know that the club would have done everything in its capacity to sign the player otherwise they would not have bothered.

First up was Mohamed Salah, it started off with the rumour mill, then worked its way to being mentioned a lot, then it was open in the media that we were after him. A price seemed to have been on the table that both parties accepted but we were out bid by Chelsea. Yes, I'm sure we did have the money to out bid them but why turn it into a bidding war? We have a value that we think the player is worth, if what is demanded is more than that, leave it out. That's just good business practice. You won't go pay R50 for a packet of Marie biscuits, even if its the last one, would you?

Then came the deadline day drama which involved Ukrainian winger Yevhen Konoplyanka, Ian Ayre and the players stubborn owners. What annoys me is why it had to wait till the last day, there's 30 days, to do business, get it over and done with but in any case, the club couldn't reach an agreement with the owners so the deal couldn't go through. Cue the angry fans swearing the club, the manager, the owners and poor old Ian. The club flew in to Ukraine for lengthy discussions with the player and his current club, they took a freaken doctor so he didn't have to fly to England for a medical if a deal had been reached! Then you get some morons that say the club didn't try their best What else would you wanted them to do? Send the Queen?!

Like in life, they say some things aren't meant to be, in the case of Konoplyanka it could be very similar. Brendan Rodgers doesn't rule out a summer move for the player but I feel it might not happen given the tough time they put us through. End of the day ,the poor player suffers the most, not anyone else. The manager went on to say that he isn't disappointed that we didn't sign anyone as he thinks the players we have are more than capable of seeing us through to the end of the season. Do I agree? Yes but at the same time I will admit we have some problems in the team.

Out defence has been shocking, we're lucky to be in the position we are in due to a solid midfield and the best damn attacking duo in the Premiership. Agger and Sakho both having lengthy injury spells isn't ideal then add to that the absence of our first choice wing backs, Johnson and Enrique it doesn't paint a pretty picture. In order for us to continue with this form, we need our first choice players fit and need to keep them fit till May. I've always maintained that this seasons goal was to finish in the top 4, it is achievable and long as the players keep the basics right, we can get back into Europe's greatest competition.

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