Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bucket Scene: Sidebar

For those that know me, if I say I'm going out to eat or if someone asks me to recommend a place to go out to eat in Durbs, 9 out of 10 times I would say go to Spiga D'Oro. Often people joke with myself and friends that we have shares in the place, we don't but what keeps us going back is multiple things. The good and friendly service, the amazing quality of food that keeps to standard every time we go there and that family atmosphere you lack at many establishments. All of this makes Spiga great and hence you will find us there often.

A few months back, after their renovation and downsizing of the restaurant in Florida Road, they opened up the Sidebar. I, like many thought the space would be used as an extension to the restaurant but instead Marco and the team had other ideas. They turned it into an amazing bar with high stools, high tables, dimmed lighting and amazing rustic decor. The huge wooden doors that greet you at the entrance gives you this shed like feeling, which essentially what it is, the red brick interior adds to that industrial type look with exposed steel sections and rough edges. It offers the patrons a different experience all together but still has that Spiga touch to it.

Come to think of it, after they opened you feel the area needed something along the lines of this. It's a more vibey, trendy spot for people of all ages to come in, relax with their mates, have a drink and even order the great food that Spiga has on their menu. Whilsts not being over popular like other places on the strip, where one hardly has place to walk let alone sit, the Sidebar has that niche sense to it. It's perfect when you're with a bunch of friends looking for a quick bite as the restaurant at most times does have a waiting list or booking requirement. This place also serves as a place to wait for your table at the restaurant while enjoying a drink at the bar.

Speaking of the bar, it is the focal point of the place, the long counter which you would expect to be wooden but instead is cast concrete with a glaze finish that helps reflect the light off the over hanging glass rack. Besides stocking all your favourites, the bar stocks a host of Craft beer, with some of the bigger name local craft brewers available on tap.

Further down the bar, it opens up into a nifty court yard with some wall hanging plants and open sky which doubles as a smoking area. It's perfect for a hot summers day to chill out there with a few cold ones with your mates. The Sidebar is available for hire and they have been hosting quite a few events of late, most recently art exhibitions and even a live band. For more on whats going on there, check their Tumblr feed:

Address: 200 Florida Road, Durban
Telephone: 031 303 9511
Twitter: @SpigaDurban
Instagram: sidebar031

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