Friday, April 15, 2016

Belief is back

If you're a Liverpool supporter like myself, your nerves are still probably tingling from last nights result against Dortmund in the Europa League. The famed "European Nights at Anfield" were back and even though it wasn't in the continents premier competition, it still provided probably one of the most memorable matches in recent times and will surely go down as one of the greats. Jurgen Klopp's Red Army set their sights on reaching the semi-finals of the competition after securing a 1 all draw in Germany the week before, having the comfort of an away goal, it seemed like the match at Anfield was set to be a tight one for the home team to scruff out a tame result that would see them progress but as history would tell you, Liverpool never do things the easy way and so ensued one of the greatest comebacks seen this decade in Europe. 

Now being a Liverpool supporter of recent, you not sure what team is going to show up on the pitch that day and last night was more of the same. Dortmund came out firing, and after 8 minutes, they put 2 goals past our lackluster defence and they were looking set to progress but there was something about last night, there was this feeling of confidence around, not just at Anfield but in the streets of Liverpool , also with the commemoration of the Hillsborough disaster which occurred today 27 years ago, and the crowds filling the cities streets with red before the game. Origi slotted in a goal shortly after the half time break and it was game on! With our tails up we began to attack again, only for us to be caught out on a counter and Marco Reus slotting in Dortmund's 3rd to silence Anfield once again. 

Now on must occasions I would concede defeat, but I didn't, neither did the crowd and neither did the team and one has got to hail the difference that the German manager has made to the team and the players, instilling them with confidence and making it known that the game isn't over until the final whistle. We saw the heroics that transpired at Carrow Road where Adam Lallana scored a dramatic winner in the last minute of the game so with that, the team kept on going, even though we needed to score 3 more goals to ensure the result in our favour. Coutinho who was struggling for most of the game struck and from then on, you just knew you were about to witness something special. 

The fight from then on must have felt like an eternity for the Dortmund players as Liverpool were relentless. The all round belief that the team could get 2 more goals were achievable and that's the kind of belief we had 10 years ago with Benitez, Klopp had manged to bring that back and for me that's one of the greatest feelings ever. Knowing that no matter what the scoreline, the team won't give up and do their level best to get a result. As a supporter there's nothing more you can ask for from your team than that. What transpired there-of will be noted in the history of the Europa League as once of the greatest come backs in a knock-out stage but the work isn't done yet. We still have the semi-finals and possibly the finals to come and we going to need a lot more of that belief to get us through. 

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