Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bucket Tech: Huawei Mate 8 - First Impressions

Last week I was finally able to attend a Huawei launch as the previous times I had to decline due to various reasons, mostly due to my day job but I was looking forward to it as I've heard much about these famed launch parties that the cell phone giant hosts. Huawei are really pushing all the boundaries and attacking the market aggressively, with good reason too. Their products are great and most of which are a fraction of the cost compared to its competitors, it's taken the consumer some time to become accustom to the brand but I think they're making strides into warming into most of them. They certainly convinced me with the previous devices I've had to test from them. 

The Mate 8 that was being launched is the flagship model from the Chinese brand and with the Mate S being around for about a year, it was interesting to see what major improvements were made to the device. The media were invited to a special presentation where we got to see and find out more about the device first hand from the Hauwei team. After an impressive promo video, Charlene Munilall, General Manager for Huawei Consumer Business Group SA addressed us, speaking about the Mate 8, she had this to say, "The Mate 8 represents the pinnacle of style, innovation and ground-breaking technology that introduces a new style of business. The Mate 8 has set a new standard in style that transcends its beautifully crafted exterior to deliver a mobile companion that meets the needs fo today's always-connected and sharing user"

The phone itself doesn't look much different to the Mate 7 or Mate S, it retains it's 6-inch Full HD screen while the screen size remains the same, the actual phone size has reduced to fit comfortably in your hand. It's encased in a super-slim metallic uni-body, which means no removable battery but one of the key features that grabbed my attention on the Mate 8 was it's SmartPower technology which optimises the allocation of the Mate 8's resources. It monitors and scans the devices apps and reduces the power consumption to background apps by half, thus pro-longing your battery life. I was really impressed with the Mate 7's battery life, as I am almost constantly on mine and the 7 used to give me just over a day of battery life. With the Mate 8, Huawei say it's impressive 4000mAh high-capacity battery will give you 1 and half days of heavy phone use, or 17 hours of continuous HD video, that it mighty impressive and something I have to test for myself. For regular uses, you can get much more battery life as regular use is said to be in the region of 2 and half days before you have to plug it into charge again. The Mate 8 will be available in two versions, the 32gig and 64gig both with dual 4G sim slots. 

Camera wise, the Mate 8 has a 16MP Sony camera with a proprietary image sensor processor for faster focusing, higher clarity and more accurate colours. The front facing camera is a 8MP wide-angel camera that introduces new dimensions in high-quality selfies. The Mate 8 processing power is quite impressive as well as it's the worlds first smartphone to use the latest Cortex-A72 CPU and high-performance Mali-T880 GPU. The revolutionary i5 intelligent processor is the most powerful coprocessor currently available and supports all the functions of a sensor hub as well as speech recognition, low-power consumption, MP3 playback, Fused Location Provider navigation and reduced location-based power consumption by nearly 70%. Which in essence makes this phone one of the fastest processing units available on the market, so the chances of your Mate 8 slowing down or freezing are extremely slim. The Mate 8 really seems to be the real deal when it comes to business smart phones, as they say it gives new meaning to "Doing Business". I've always been a fan of their build quality and features and even though they spending a lot of cash on marketing and improving their presence in the market, their products speak for themselves. 

Huawei also used this opportunity to announce the launch of their G Series of phones to the market. Aimed at the youth, these phones will be much more affordable than the Mate and P series and features on them will be directly targeted at the younger tech savvy generation. Hauwei have 3 models in the range, the G8, GR5 and GR3, all of which are currently available in SA.

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