Sunday, April 24, 2016

Monday Choon: Keegan John Moore - Lay It On Tonight Ft. Gabrielle

We're all for promoting local things and it's not because we want to push South African content for the sake of it but because we really believe it's good content. Last week I got a message from a friend and it was evident she want extremely excited about the release of this song,  it's by latest editions to The Cartel of Cape Town, Keegan John Moore and Gabrielle, and it's all put together and produced by the talented Ameen Harron.

Like any musical masterpeices there's always a story to the song and Lay it on tonight - is no different. It started off with the Ameen and Gabrielle helping Keegan out on writing his new song, she helped write the secon part and it was then suggested that she lend her vocals to the track, recording started 10pm and they were done by 2am. And as she puts it "that was that". The song has already hit the airwaves of 5fm on their new music feature but with your help it could make their play list. If you dig the song as much as we do, Tweet @NewMusicNation5 on @5fm to play the song #layitontonight

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