Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Picks of the week

I know its midweek but it's my birthday so screw all of you, I get to make the rules! It's been an exciting week so far, even though theres still a few days to go. This week saw two outstanding Coupe's being launched, first the ever so sexy Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe and the BMW M2 Coupe. Both of which are amazing in their own right and I cannot wait to see them on the roads. 

Also launched this week was an interview with our January Bucket Babe, Candice Boucher for World Swimsuit. In the interview she talks about coming full circle in her modeling career as well as about her shoot with the crew last year.


And lastly, it just makes perfect sense to end the evening off with some sport, Liverpool take on city rivals in the Merseyside Derby tonight. It's called the "friendly derby" but there's nothing friendly about it on the pitch, both side want nothing less than maximum points from the game because along with it, comes bragging rights of the city. 

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