Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bucket Scene: Hudsons Burger Joint - Umhlanga

So my favourite burger joint opened in Durban last week, for me Hudsons was my first taste of a "gourmet burger" if you can call it that. My first experience was at their original store on Kloofnek Street in Cape Town, back then they still had lamb burgers on the menu, I was hooked thereafter, and clearly I wasn't the only one as they then started to expand, opening up more stores around the city and then tried their hands in foreign territory, opening up a branch in Parkhhurst, Johannesburg. When on my travels to either city I would try to go have a meal there at least once during my stay and more often that not I would stick to my favourite burger on the menu, seeing that I only had Hudsons once in a while

Now you can only imagine my joy when I found out that Hudsons were opening in Durban, situated on the corner of Lighthouse Rd and Chartwell Drive, in the building that formerly housed the Dutch, is where you will find them. They've redone most of the interior, making it more of a diner/ dive sort of setting, which is chilled and relaxed. The menu has been slightly tweaked to suit the Durban market and they have a host of burgers to suit any palate and now since they in Durban I can try other burgers on the menu! But being the first time in their new Durban branch I went along and ordered my usual, the Bacon Jam. Some say it is their best burger on the menu but for me it ticks all the right boxes, succulent patty topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, bacon jam and crispy dusted onion rings, I swop out the beef patty for ostrich since I don't eat beef.

Apart from delicious burgers, they have a host of other items on the menu, like appetisers of which include Chilli Poppers, Chicken Strips and Sliders, if you're looking for something healthy on the menu, there's always the salads if which I've heard the "The Empire" is quite good and they also offer grills and tacos if you looking for something else. All that eating will require something equally good to wash it down with, thankfully they have a great selection of cold brews, with a variety of local craft beers, some of which are served on tap , a full on cocktail menu and extensive wine list for you to choose from. 

For those who are after the sweeter things in life, their dessert menu will have you drooling, the Deep Fried Oreos are certainly one to try. They have a great range of milkshakes as well, with The Cookie Monster being the ultimate, it has Bar One, Cookie Crumb rim topped with whipped cream and chocolate chip cookies. I've yet to try this one out but it's on the list of things I need to try. Overall, my first Hudsons Durban experience was nothing short of great, with the store fairly new,  there were minor hiccups but nothing to be concerned over, the food is great, the beers are cold and everyone has a smile on their face, is there anything else you need? 

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