Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Carver's Weiss Sunday Lunching

Craft Beer has been around in SA for a few years now and has start to make it's way into the mainstream market. As much as micro brewers hate for this to happen, it's good for business. While the majority of the beer drank in the country is still very much controlled by the major brands, it's good to note that the countries largest brewer, SAB have taken note of the Craft Beer sector and decided to launch a specialty variety to the market, namely Carver's Weiss. 

This past Sunday I was invited to an exclusive launch of the new Carver's Weiss beer, for "an afternoon of Easy" as the email said. The venue, the laid back, open air garden patio of the Market Cafe in Morningside, Durban. The event kicked off with an ice cold bottle Carver's Weiss upon arrival, the venue was decked out by the Carver's Weiss team in the colours and logo's of the beer. The host of the afternoon was none other than SA funny man Dave Livensohn who had the guests in stitches with his witty comments and chirps. 

When looking at the bottle, one of the aspects that grabs your attention first is the label at the back is upside down, reason for this is, they say the best way to enjoy the beer is if you tilt it upside down for a few seconds to allow the sediments to float back up and mix with the rest of the liquid, and hence reading the label would allow sufficient time for this. They had wooden boards for us to tilt the bottles on which were quite cool but took some time to master.

The team flew in a chef to prepare a meals for the guest that best matches the brew and brings out the variants and notes of the beer. It was quite evident from starters to the mains, the many distinct flavours that is present in Carver's Weiss. From citrus, notes to vanilla and caramel, the afternoon of food and beer took ones palate on a journey of taste. 

To complete the afternoon of easy, Carver's team provided entertainment in the form of SA musician extraordinaire, Nhlanhla Majozi who is a real one man band! Playing all his own instruments and treated the crowd to a musical feast of his popular tracks. Also to keep us busy, we had Jenga blocks on each table to see who can survive the longest. 

Carver'sWeiss is smooth drinking beer that is an inbetween-er of a light and heavy brew but one that's an easy drinking one. Perfect for a summer's afternoon. 

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