Sunday, January 20, 2019

Monday Choon: Above & Beyond feat. Marty Longstaff - Flying by Candlelight

English DJ trio Above & Beyond are getting ready for a long overdue visit to our shores in March has they headline Ultra South Africa and while many of us are massive fans of their previous work, it's good to see Jono, Pavo and Tony releasing some new music ahead of their tour. Today's featured track is "Flying by Candlelight" and features the vocals of Marty Longstaff. Tipped as a future club classic, this track will be featured on their upcoming album Common Ground Companion. It's a track that resonates well with their style of music, trance and uplifting beats, it's what they're good at and why we keep coming back for more. Catch Above & Beyond live at Ultra South Africa, on the 1st of March in Cape Town at the Ostrich Farm and on the 2nd of March in Johannesburg, at the Nasrec Expo Centre. 

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