Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Bucket Tech: Huawei's new EMUI 9.1

Huawei announced last week that it's latest EMUI 9.1 operating system upgrade, which will have multiple benefits for its customers, will now be available for selected Huawei devices from July 2019. Some of the impressive features will include:

1. Enhanced Performance

  • GPU Turbo 3.0, which energises your device's gaming performance while reducing lag and power consumption by 10%. This upgrade will also see the number of compatible games increasing from 6 to 25, including the popular games PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and Kings of Glory. 
  • EROFS (Extendable Read-Only File System) which improves the reading performance of your device by approximately 20% - up to 63.3MB/s - while also saving more than 2GB system storage. This ensures there's more room on your phone for whats really important!
2. Exciting New Multimedia Options
  • Huawei Vlog , which allows you to easily share highlight videos and create and share 10-second videos using Huawei's video editor rather than having to use a third party app. This feature also gives users the opportunity to customise music and special effect settings for Spotlight Reel, Highlights, Portrait, as well s take slow-motion and fast motion videos. 
  • Huawei Video Ringtone, where users are able to have more fun with their incoming calls by setting up their favourite video as their default ringtone for their contacts.
3. Smart Functions
  • Huawei Share OneHop, where a simple tap from your phone to your Huawei computer can send pictures, videos and documents to your other device in seconds. You can also efficiently copy and paste between devices. 
4. New User Experience
  • One Hand Gesture Navigation, which allows for the screen to be resized on command to enable easy reach-ability of tough-to-reach menu buttons during one-handed operation.
  • A More intuitive and simplified user interface, with 20% fewer configuration items than EMUI 9.0.

The EMUI 9.1 system upgrade, which is at no cost to Huawei customers is available for the majority of Huawei's latest devices and will be implemented over the next three months. As with all Huawei smart devices, customers will be sent a notification of the pending upgrade which they can then download. Once the device upgrade is activated, they can start enjoying the many enhancements made to their devices. 

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