Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Bucket Tech: Digital Migration in Africa

We've been hearing about it for over decade now, South Africa was poised to migrate to digital broadcasting since the early 2000's but it never materialized due to a number of setbacks but are we finally on the cusp of digital migration? It's already being rolled out in certain parts of Africa and has shown to have loads of benefits but what is the difference and how will it impact us? Samsung have given a brief summary of what digital migration is and how it will impact the space we're in. 

Shifting to a digital format offers a number of advantages, including improved reception quality, expanded channel options and the ability to add enhanced applications like video-on-demand. Additionally, once TV broadcasting switches to digital, the freed-up spectrum can be used for wireless applications, like those required for 5G for smartphones, that could contribute to broader economic growth. Then there are the added advantages of maximising the potential of pioneering technology like Samsung's 8K QLED. 

The OLED range offers crystal clear TV and a host of incredible benefits to viewers. This includes more screen size options, stunning picture quality enhancements, dazzling colours from every angle, exciting new design elements and it provides even more entertainment options. It does this by offering a new iTunes Movies and TV Shows app and supports Apple AirPlay 2. 

The shift to digital will unlock even more potential from both 4K and 8K technology. 8K QLED can upscale current content to a level closer to 8K. However, digital migration will allow for the creation and viewing of content that even more matches the tech that goes into the breath-taking QLED range. It's therefore important that digital migration is still on the agenda for most African countries. The continent has 54 countries and each presents broadcasters with unique challenges in the shift from analogue to digital signals. 

When it does, pioneering advancements in mobile technology, as well as pioneering products like Samsung QLED, will capture our imagination even more so. 

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