Friday, November 15, 2019

Bucket Babe: Abigail Ackerman

.The year is winding down and Christmas is around the corner but here on the blog, Christmas has come early as we have another installment of our famed segment, the Bucket Babe! Today's model hails from the smoke smoke, aka Johannesburg. She's a student, looking to become a social worker as she is passionate on helping others, animals also have a close place to her heart. She claims she's not a great cook but at least she has great taste in cars. She's a stunner of note so that is enough from us, here is...

Abigail Ackerman


Hello, my name is Abigail Ackerman, I am 22 years old and I am studying social work because I love the thought of being able to help as many people as possible. With this I would like to eventually open up a rehab for adolescents with substance abuse problems and mental illness. I love dancing and through my life I've done ballet, modern and hip hop, I also really love drama and art. I am vegetarian because of my love for animals and I have grown up being taught nothing but compassion and love for animals and people. During my life I have received rewards for community service, for which I enjoy volunteering at old age homes and animal shelters, as well as  for public speaking. I also am a bit of a party animal and will never turn down a festival or a night out. 


Abby Ackerman


1. Hot girls and hot cars go hand in hand, what ride would you like to  see yourself in?
  • G63 AMG is my absolute dream car, Matt silver with red interior, got it all planned out!
2. What sandwich are you most likely to make for me? and will it be toasted or plain?
  • I can't cook so, cheese and tomato okay? 
3. Everyone loves popcorn (well I think they do) what is your topping/ sprinkle of choice?
  • I usually put every spice on my popcorn at the movies, but that's probably something I shouldn't tell people.
4. Dream cover shoot?
  • The day I'm on the cover of anything will be a dream come true. But Vogue is definitely the end goal... crossing fingers!
5. If given a choice, full time model or full time executive, what would you choose?
  • Full time model for sure.  
6. Growing up you must have had someone you aspired to be, so who is your role model?
  • I find this question so difficult, I don't think that I have one role model but I have so many amazing people in my life who I look up to and even a lot of celebrities. Usually the people I admire are compassionate always willing to do and learn new things and have respect for everyone regardless of who they are - that's what I value in a person.
7. Anyone holding that hand yet? or is it available?
  • No one is holding it, but its' not available either, haha!
8. Obviously being a female you would love fashion. Favourite label/ designer?
  • Moschino has always been one of my favourite labels - I love how vibrant and eccentric it is. 
9. What type of music gets your booty shaking?
  • Any music gets my booty shaking but I think I'd have to say that hip hop and EDM are at the top of my playlist.
10. Which city is your dream party destination?
  • Oh wow, I have so many! Ibiza, Los and Tomorrowland in Belgium... just to name a few.

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