Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Bucket Seat: 2021 Audi A3 Sedan

Despite what going on in the word currently, things have slowed down dramatically in industries with most manufacturers and corporations announcing total shut downs due to the COVID19 pandemic. Despite this, it's good to see there isn't all doom and gloom with brands announcing some new models for 2021. Yesterday Audi revealed it's new 2021 A3 Sedan, which is based on the A3 hatch we saw last month. The sedan version of the much loved mid-size family hatch  has been a popular model amongst locals, especially the sporty S and RS derivatives. Some just prefer a boot, I am one of those people as I feel apart from more luggage space, it completes the car, adds extra weight for driving performance and gives it more stability but that's just me. 

Looking at this new model, it is quite a looker, I'm already picturing how I would spec my one! In keeping with the new design language, the front and side profile of the car is identical to the hatch with the extension of the rear luggage compartment flowing well into the design and makes it s perfect fit. The design of the rear tail lights are similar to the old with the adaptation of the new design style with that gill like effect. The lines are clean, sharp and elegant. The car has a very mature look to it as well. Stepping in side, this mature aspect of the design is even more evident with the new cockpit. While certain elements are retained and refined from the older model, there is no doubt that this is a complete new package. The A3 Sedan offers all the cool tech that is available in most of their other models, some of which will be optional extras. While there is no word yet from Audi SA yet on engine variants coming to SA, I'm sure it wont be too different from what we see with the hatch. 

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