Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Monday Choon: Frey, Sway Gray - Wir Sind Nicht Allein (Allein Allein)

While tensions have started to grow locally after our President announced an extension to the lockdown, a reminder has come in from across the pond in Germany by DJ's Frey and Sway Grey to say that We Are Not Alone in this fight as the Coronavirus Pademic is affecting everyone globally and we have to all do our part to combat it. The track, Wir Sin Nicht, originally done by German pop group Polarkreis 18 has been given a new lease a decade later with the meaning even more significant now more than ever. The chorus which translates "We Are Not Alone"  resonates with every one at this current moment in time, no matter what this lockdown is doing or affecting everyone, just know that you are not alone. Frey and Sway Gray approached Polarkreis 18 lead vocalist Felix Rauber to add his vocals to the track and he obliged. The official music video also shows the transition between the lockdown all over the world to what we're hoping will be the not so distant future where we can go back to normality. 

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