Friday, May 22, 2020

Bucket Tech: Samsung Galaxy A31

Samsung's Galaxy A series was introduced to the market as a medium level smart device which gave the consumer a feel of what the higher end devices are like but at a reduced price. It's been quite popular seeing that the price range of these phones are very attractive and the features that they offer were damn good, it's always been a key area for Samsung and they believe thanks to the Galaxy A Series more people can enjoy Samsung's premium smartphone innovations at an affordable price. This month saw Samsung release their latest in the range of the A series, the Galaxy A31, the devices is designed for a generation that wants to express themselves to the world and look good doing it, anytime and anywhere (but while maintaining social distancing and obeying the lockdown regulations). I just added that part in since I don't think Samsung anticipated the current scenario the world faces. One of the major talking points on the Galaxy A31 is the multi-purpose quad camera, a feature that was normally reserved for its higher end devices. The Quad cam lets you shoot with more perspective, with ultra high-res 48MP main camera for crisp, clear photos no matter the time of day, it has a 123 degree 8MP Ultra wide camera which captures more of the view,  a 5MP Macro camera to capture those objects and details up close, finally in the quad cam setup we have the 5MP depth sensing camera which adjusts during live focus for imagines that will be less blurred. 

The screen size on the A31 is pretty decent with it having a 6.4" Infinity-U display with wide aspect ratio that fills content from end to end. Another great feature on the A31 is the great battery life, the phone comes with a 5,000mAh battery which is plenty sufficient for a full days use and if it is running low, the phone comes with a 15W fast charging so a quick 30 minute charge could top you up with enough battery life for a good few hours. The Galaxy A31 comes with a decent processing unit consisting of an advanced octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM which delivers smooth and efficient multi-tasking performance. The device has 128GB internal storage and can accommodate upto a 512GB microSD card. Gamers will be please to note that the phone comes with Game Booster which is a dedicated interface and easy to each menu. The A31's graphics is a smooth like-like motion and enables you to play at your best which it optimises battery, temperature and memory.  Security wise the Galaxy A3 has defence grade security and an on screen fingerprint scanner. 

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