Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Bucket Seat: 2020 Audi A4

Audi's A4 sedan has for long been it's best selling model in the local market, meeting the needs of many in the luxury mid-sized segment, it seems to tick most of the boxes for the buyers and I cannot remember one A4 driver that didn't have good things to say about their car. This week Audi has launched the revised version of the much loved A4, sporting cosmetic changes which embraces the new design language and but more importantly is that the A4 is now fully connected with Audi connect technology which also features a new MMI touch display. It's Audi's answer to the AI assistant that we've been seeing coming in most of the other brands of recent. The new A4 engine line-up also features mild hybrid technology which enhances comfort and driving efficiency. 

A quick glance at the design will see that much of the overall shape remains the same with the big changes coming up in the front. The headlamps feature the new LED strip on the top which follows the line from the bonnet. There is that slight gap between the bonnet and grille with a more straight and angular approach, very much like the A1. The rest of the front is very sporty and fierce looking with lots of bold lines and angles, accentuated by brush aluminum details on the air-intake vents. The side and rear of the car remain very similar with slight enhancements to the side sills and in the rear, the diffuser getting a bit of that brushed aluminum detailing as well as large exhausts. The rear lights remain the same in design but the inlay features Audi's new LED design with the multiple light design. 

Audi has upped its game in the technology and connectivity market with Audi Connect, and its new MMI system. It offers a user experience similar to a contemporary smartphone. Moving away from buttons and dials, the new touch screen interface has handwriting recognition, acoustic feedback as well as multi-touch sensitivity. The high-resolution TFT display  measures 10.1 inches and graphics are deliberately clean which make for a better and faster user experience. The larger screen also makes it easier for the user to input free hand text, the AI is pretty intuitive and picks up almost any type of hand writing. Audi have also fused their GPS with Google Maps, offering you to overlay Google imagery onto your GPS, with the online connectivity, the car gets real-time information based on what it receives and adjust to you, for example if it knows your route to and from work, if there is a delay on the route it will suggest another one to use which will be faster. 

In addition to all of this, Audi have launched their myAudi app which is the central nervous system for Audi connect and allows digital access to the vehicle, anywhere and at any time. It is through this point that the driver can access important vehicle information, manage data and configure and set up certain services. The driver will be able to call up real-time information about the vehicle and keep any eye on the fuel level, range, service appointments , warning messages and other functions. Live notifications aren't limited to just traffic, it also includes trading hours of places you're visiting, parking availability and also weather updates. These features run through an embedded e-SIM and data is freely available for a period of 3 years. 

Engine line up and pricing for the new A4 is as follows








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