Monday, October 12, 2020

Monday Choon: Kylie Minogue - Magic (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

Kylie Minogue is like the gift that keeps on giving and not sure if she's discovered the fountain of youth because this lady never seems to age! She's about to release her new album and one of the tracks "Magic" has been giving a remix treatment from Purple Disco Machine. The original track is a master piece as it is, with Kylie's infamous 80's disco style but this has just been elevated by Tino Piontek to bring the track in line with a deep house feeling and upping the BPM but still keeping the essence of that 80's disco feel. It's a five star track for me, seeing that I am a big Kylie fan as well as PDM fan too, I'd love to see if they will add any other remixes from her album. 


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