Monday, October 11, 2021

Monday Choon: DØBER - Cream

If you, like me are a big fan of Nicky Romero's Protocol Radio, today's featured artist wouldn't need much of an introduction to you but if you haven't heard of Dober yet, not to worry you will soon as he is currently making some amazing tracks. Today's featured track comes as an additional track to his EP About You, titled "Cream". Its a fast paced, vibey track that got my attention from the first time I heard it on the weekly podcast. Dober says his sound is easily identifiable as its unlike what anyone is doing at the moment, he describes his versatility as a strong point to change up sounds and understanding individuality in sounds rather that just give the public what everyone else doing. From dark, mellow drops to harsh yet polished basslines, utilizing both lush and high energy vocals help convey and further bolster the theme to the track. 

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