Monday, August 30, 2010

Grass eating

Ever since the dawn of time, man or back then neanderthals were split into "hunters" & "gatherers". Hunters should kill animals to consume whilst the gatherers got wood in shit for fires and berry's & other edible things that grew on tress to accompany the meat, but some where down the line the gatherers decided they didnt need the meat & just ate the stuff they picked, hence we have vegetarians. (totally my assumption)

So my little sister turned 21, nothing makes you feel more old than that... or the day she gets married... well lets hope that doesnt happen soon. Anyway for some reason in my culture we fast for a month at some point in the year (the period changes every year) so we have to abstain from meat & alcohol. When I think of veggies the only thing I can think off is cheese toast, pizzas & pasta's. Veg curry's arent my thing, but on Saturday when we celebrated my sisters birthday we hired out a restaurant that catered only for vegetarians, & to my surprise I enjoyed everything from the starters to mains & the eggless cake for dessert.

Veg start platter
The starter platter has a mixture of straight cut veggies such as carrots, peppers, cauliflower & potato dipped in a batter and fried, along with spring rolls, Paneer Tikka  & what I enjoyed the most from it was this crispy bread type of thing which was mashed potato & bread mixed with spices, topped with sesame seeds & fried. Here I thought the only decent veg starters were crumbed mushrooms & garlic bread!

Hakka Noodles
The mains were interesting as well, apart from the normal veg biryani we opted for something different to add to the choice, which was Hakka noodles. Chinese dish which was odd to see at an indian restaurant but it breaks the monotony of the standard tikka, vindaloo curries, etc.. The strong smells of the ginger & soy sauce infused stir fry was just as good as it smelt.

half eaten slice of cake
Then we get to the cake, now I have eaten eggless cakes before, most of the time they were not great, but I see as time go's by & the hole in the ozone layer grows bigger, people have bettered the standards of eggless cakes, infact they have successfully come up with a decent recipe for an eggless sponge cake! I kid you not, I couldnt tell the difference on Saturday night & no it wasnt the alcohol free champagne that affected my taste buds.

Over all I was impressed by the veg out, will I ever become a full on vegetarian? Lets just say theres a better chance of Jacob Zuma giving up shagging...

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