Friday, August 20, 2010

The up's & down's

THE UP's: Its the weekend, Springboks vs All Black, Sharks vs Western Province & Liverpool vs Man City.

Big game at Soccer City/ National Stadium/ FNB stadium/ Calabash/ beer bowl/ round orange thing tomorrow & quite historic for a number of facts.

  1. First match between Springboks & All Blacks being played in Soweto
  2. Crowd attendance could break the record for most at a game being played by the 2
  3. Our most capped Captain runs out for the 100th time wearing the Green & Gold
  4. Also a record for "most waving flags" is trying to be set at Soccer City tomorrow
Im sure there will be many other records being broken tomorrow since it will have the largest crowd present eg: most people drinking beer & chomping biltong, most number of fans simultaneously saying "Bliksem" & other random crap like that. Its a must win game for the Bok's, not so they stand a chance to win the competition, its more of a "save face" & to get rid of that 0 on the table next to our name. Plus being so historic I doubt we'd want to lose. As the great PDivvy said
"There's little difference between winning and losing, except you feel better after winning."
Another rugby game tomorrow is the Sharks  vs Western Province, a top 2 table clash which will sure have most rugby fanatics drooling. WP are on a roll, but so are the Sharks. We're packing the feisty little Pat Lambie, the kid can do nothing wrong even if he tried! Its sure to be an exciting encounter down at the tank!

Okay so the Man City vs Liverpool game isnt exactly on the weekend but its a good start to the week? Our not so easy start to the season continues & with us missing Cole wont make things any easier. Last night we struggled to beat off that Turkish team that hardly anyone could pronounce, but a win is a win I suppose.

The Down's: No one can turn a blind eye to the civil servants strike thats going on, Im not saying that they have no right to strike. It just needs to be done in a peaceful manner.

The morons that go around intimidating those who chose not to strike are just that, morons. Bringing violence into this situation helps no one. I for one feel that guys that commit these barbaric acts have no reasoning as to why they are striking in the first place! Story's of teachers being shambocked because they wanted to teach & nurses being hauled out of hospitals for simply doing their duties is disgusting to say the least, one would think that these guys arent civilised, which is ironic since it is a "civil servants strike". Its not a nice way to end off the blog post but it has to be said, if we as South Africans want to move forward, we need to stop acting like barbaric fools & learn to behave in a controlled manner. Dont mess up 2010 for us, please.

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