Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scouts honor

I never did join the scouts when I was kid so when Wonderbra launched their campaign I thought "heres my chance to scratch that off my list". At first I did it for the fun of it, so I could go around staring at the gifts that god has blessed the female body with & not getting into trouble for doing so. You see they give you a card which has your "unique scout code" so if you spot a girl that thinks will best suit their product, you walk over, tell them that they were worthy of your drool & ask them to register online at , but when doing so they need to enter the code to say I was the one that scouted them. Ive been getting a lot of ladies asking me how it works, hence I did this blog to explain to them how to go about registering themselves for it.

log on to, the welcome screen shall prompt you with either wanting to become a Wonderbra Girl or to become a Wonderbra Scout, like me. Now girls chose the right one, which is the first one.

You'll encounter another menu screen which will prompt you something similar but with more choices. Just chose the "I want to be the girl"

Once you click that, an account login sign will pop up.
Obviously you dont have one as yet so read the fine print & click to register.

A new pop up will ask you to fill in the required info, once complete & submitted Im guessing an email for confirmation will be sent to the address that you provided. So either you have to revert back to your email to confirm or it will take you to the next step which is...

well nothing else to explain besides fill in the rest of the required & please please put my unique scout code or the code of the person that scouted you. Its only fair to do so, since our eyes dont lie.

Now ladies, please read the rules as well, they arent  many & they are very basic, eg: you have to be unmarried & they goods must be the ones the big guy gave you and not Dr Whats his face put in you.

You must be thinking, why would a guy do this? well besides helping Wonderbra find a new face & erm cleavage, if my eyes picked the right girl & she wins I get R11 grand, which could come pretty handy for buying KFC during the year.

Anyways, thats the low down, now that you've got it, go on, register.


  1. Thanks for the detailed info. I'd say this strongly contributes to LeadSA!

  2. Thanks Sasha, anything to help out :)