Monday, September 27, 2010

Like Me

Like many of us, we like to win stuff, whether its getting the lollipop or the lotto jackpot. Something for nothing always brings a smile to our face & makes us happy. So CAR magazine have a facebook competition, post a picture of yourself with a supercar & get your friends to "like" the picture, the one with the most likes wins a hamper worth R2000. God knows whats in the hamper but an insider says a watch makes up bulk of the value. So I figured, it cant be that hard. I got 400 odd (people that I do know, not random ppl I add or added me) as friends. Im sure if I ask them to, they will.... boy was I wrong. First time I ever asked them for something, thats real & not some stupid game where they need sheep or horse manure to grow crops & only about 60 odd did it. Then a few very good followers from twitter followed as well. Which I thank.

Besides winning, I used this as part research for me & my sister who is studying marketing. Seeing the various forms one can use online social networks for self marketing, agreed there was nothing much for the others to gain from but seeing that these were people I knew & most of them do spend most of the time using facebook, one would have thought 10 seconds (which is roughly the amount of time it takes to do it if you have ADSL) isnt that much to ask of them to like something. I emailed it out, put it as my facebook status & put it out on twitter. Roughly it reached about 800 odd people. The current number of people that liked it is 76, thats a pretty shitty percentage which I dont want to work out. The competition ends in 3 days time, Im currently 13 "likes" behind the leader who I must add has a pic of him and the stunning Koeningsegg. So this is it, my final attempt to gather some "likes"

Its pretty simple & doesnt take much time as I explained.

Step 1:  click this link: it will take you to the CAR magazine facebook page, all you have to do there after is click "LIKE"

Step 2: click this link: it will take you to my picture on the CAR magazine facebook link, then all you have to do is click "like"

Doesnt seem hard enough?

If you want to vote, go ahead & make my day, really! but yeah, just learnt something about this whole deal. It may seem easy but if you dont pester people into doing it, it wont get done. Begging people isnt my style & I wouldn't like it the other way as well, so I wont go into that extremes, if I was able to win the car in the picture, then that would be a different story altogether.

In conclusion, I wouldnt say this showed me who my "true friends are" because as I said, its doing a favour. Not many will have to the time to do so & many access this website via their phones which tend to skip these type of requests. Its just an interesting experience that has taught me a lot in terms of marketing on the social streams of the internet. I could have gone "balls to the wall" but thought is it really worth it?

Well there is some things I did manage to accomplish in all of this...

Not bad hey?

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