Monday, October 4, 2010

This was Anfield

Im a superstitious guy, I have certain things I do to help affect the out come in things I want. It starts and stops with Liverpool football club. Yes as you know I support the team in RED, I have 3 LFC water bottles in my show case which must be perfectly aligned before a game, the LFC tour brochure on the coffee table must be placed right with Shanks facing top, & I play a game on FIFA (PS3) with Liverpool & the respective team they are playing. Any way, all of this is fruitless of recent due to their poor performances, I could kill a million rabbits & keep their feet on key chains & it wouldnt help. Whats going on?

  • 18 League Titles
  • 5 European Champions League Titles
  • 7 FA Cups
  • 7 League Cups
  • 3 UEFA Cups
  • 3 UEFA Super Cups
  • 15 FA Community Shield Titles
  • 4 Second Division League Titles
  • 1 Lancashire League Title

Thats what you call history, thats what makes this club great but the sad thing is the last time we added anything to that record was 2006! 4 years on & it looks unlikely we'll add anything at all to that record for a good few years! Where did it all go wrong? What did this club do? Worse, what did us fans do to deserve this much suffering? We've always been doing things the right way, the "Liverpool way" never sticking our noses into any ones or any teams business so karma cant be it?

Istanbul 2005 will live in the memories as the greatest final ever witnessed, but thats all it is, memories. We keep talking about the past, boasting of old records to which we being mocked by fellow supporters of other teams along the years. Yes while we boast of our history, their teams are making it now. What are we doing? becoming the laughing stock of the league, so much so that people are not laughing at us anymore. The true Man United fans I know actually cannot believe whats going on & sympathise with me instead of poking fun.

Thats how serious the matter has become, its not just Liverpool FC & its fans that are losing, football in general is losing out as one of Europes best team sinks ever so slowley while everyone just stands & looks. Before a trip to Anfield was a feared fixture for any team regardless of where they lied in the league or from which ever country they hailed from, now-a-days teams see it as another football ground where anything can happen. The past 2 seasons, the "atmosphere" that Anfield is so well known for simply isnt there. The fans hardly sing & in some games the away supporters can be heard more than our's. Yesterdays game for example, after 10min the singing died off, what happened to this "12th man"? I dont expect non stop singing but for god sake people, make the players on the field feel like they have your support!

I know what you guys are thinking & I get it a lot "typical arm chair supporter". Yes I havent been to Anfield, yes Ive havent seen Liverpool FC play a game live. I buy the merchandise, sit my arse on the sofa & watch them on the tele. So what right do I have in saying what go's on? I tell you what, I have every right! That merchandise I buy, percentages go towards the club, the satellite TV I had to subscribe to watch my team pay, bought the rights to broadcast & some where down the line LFC gets a percentage. So some how or the other, the club is getting MY money.

Money being the hot topic of recent is what we (the club) seem to have in short fall. Our owners seem to think they're playing some sort of game as our club suffers. How low must the team go in order for them to see that things aren't going right? The messages have been there for a while, even the blind could read them. We dont want you here & never did in the first place. Rick Parry & David Moores need to be brought before the Liverpool supporters and dished out some sort of punishment. That piss poor attempt of an apology from David last year is good as toilet paper to us. It solves nothing & the damage is already done. Kudos to them for bringing in Rafael Benitez who tried his utmost with limited funds but kept the clubs dignity in check. Yes I dont agree fully on everything that Rafa did, but thats for another time & another blog post but the man took us to new heights, gave people belief again & made Anfield rock, lack of funds & false promises ultimately got to him & theres only so much shit one can put up with hence he left.

Bringing in Purslow & Broughton gave us nothing but false hope as well, tricking us into thinking they are showing some initiative in getting the club sold but after months of waiting we still find ourselves in the same position if not worse. Roy Hodgson was brought in to take over after a lengthy off season which saw many names being mentioned, one that caught the eye of many was Kenny Dalglish. I think bringing in him on a temporary basis would have been the answer. Seeing that we are looking for new suitors and they might want another manager to take the reins, but typcially he was over looked & Roy was appointed. As any good supporter I am behind our manager 100% but at times during games when the camera's concentrate on him, he looks clueless & frustrated, it does tend to bother me a bit, because if he doesnt know what to do, then who does? I have the utmost respect for our players as well, even though I do mock some of them in my tweets, I believe the squad we have now is capable of winning things, yes I would love for 1 or 2 more quality additions as well as having some of our old players back, but such is life at LFC we cant have these things.What we do have is a team thats losing confidence week in & week out, they might put on a strong face in front of the media but we know they are hurting, we are hurting with them.

Theres a verse in our anthem which many of you know "at the end of the storm, theres a golden sky" Well I would like to see the weather report because this is one long ass storm! Yesterdays defeat against Blackpool was hard to take, yes they played well & I give them credit but our performance was not great at all. The second half we came back strong but 1 goal for all of that is unacceptable. Certain players had guilt edge chances which they failed to bury. Yes they are human & get things wrong but its the way we find ourself now with the off field antic's affecting players performances on the field. Its being made so public that no one can escape it. We need to find a solution as soon as possible or things are just going to get worse for our beloved club. Whats the solution? well first things first, lets sell the club to some one who has the cash & shows a keen interest in football! Not some arse who claims he has funds, talks big but shows nothing for it. We need someone thats willing to get hands on & pick us up from this terrible slump we find ourself in at the moment, lots of rebuilding needs to be done & its got to start soon. Its about time the FA got involved in the matter too, seeing as it has Liverpool to thank as well for building up its name world wide. No one can stand & watch anymore, its about time people start talking & doing something.

We have the organisation "Spirit of Shankly" which is a great movement by the supporters thats going but they alone cannot fight this plague. We need some big names involved. Our club is being humiliated for too long & Im repeating my self in saying this & Im not sure about you, but I cant stand to watch this. We being reduced to tears. I remember a time where losing a game caused me great pain, now Ive become immune to a loss. Can we bring back the days where winning was a given? Where Anfield was feared ground? Where we showed the rest of the footballing world why we ARE the greatest supporters in the world? Where Liverpool FC is a name that people could be proud to say? Where people can once again say "This is Anfield" & not a future where people will say "This was Anfield"

You'll Never Walk Alone

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  1. Passionate post bru, very passionate.
    I agree totally with what youre aying and possibly even with what is required to turn Liverpools fortunes around.
    Having said that, you and anybody and everybody who knows me knows that I represent your teams greatest rivals, Manchester United.
    I'd upload pics of what my home and shrine to these legends looks like, but we may not have enough time or hard-drive space.

    This I can say though...
    The league and soccer in general is not the same without the Liverpool we all know and respect (even when I taunt and tease, coz nothing gives me greater pleasure ;) ).

    I wish your team all the success, provided that success is always in the form of Runners-Up to Manchester United ;)