Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just let it go

Its been an interesting 24 hours as a Liverpool fan, besides my blog getting 100 views over night ( I thank you) to Mike Jefferies "Dear Mr Hicks" video going viral on youtube. To breaking news on Liverpools official website. All in all, if you're like me, you're nervous, happy & confused at the same time.

Why? well lets see what transpired. Mike Jefferies, a hollywood producer, like many Liverpool FC fans was tired & frustrated at the strangle hold Tom Hicks & George Gillett had on the club. He made his way from Cape Town to Liverpool, getting peoples views & generally asking them to tell Hicks to "fuck off". This video was finally uploaded last night & went viral instantly with reds from all over commenting & supporting this venture.

Not even an hour after posting the video, an official statement was published on the Liverpool website, stating "The Board of Directors have received two excellent financial offers to buy the Club that would repay all its long-term debt"great news right? but then came this part... "Shortly prior to the meeting, the owners - Tom Hicks and George Gillett - sought to remove Managing Director Christian Purslow and Commercial Director Ian Ayre from the Board, seeking to replace them with Mack Hicks and Lori Kay McCutcheon" Well to explain what this all means, Hicks & Gillett brought in Christian Purslow to help with the clubs finances & to oversee the general dealings of day to day club dealings, he has Ian Ayre with him to help, both of them sit on the board along with Martin Broughton who was brought in essentially to find buyers for the club. The instructions were clear, find new buyers who best suit the club & make sure no part of the money used to purchased Liverpool Football Club has been "borrowed". So the new owners must have their own money invested into the club, not from a friend, or a bank loan. Obviously they must also prove their worth to the club by giving proposals on how to move forward etc... Now in all of this, they found a bid put in by New England Sports Ventures which is owned by John William Henry who also owns the Red Sox baseball team. Now his bid fit well with the 3 men on the board besides the 2 sour pusses, since they didnt stand a chance to profit from the sale.

Im sorry what? You guys think you deserve a profit for selling our club? You guys put us, the fans & the players through the worse years of this club! As from my other post, lies, false promises, lack of spending & now you think you deserve something for ruining a top 4 side & leaving them at the bottom 3!? Do yourselves a favour and quit while you ahead. They put the 3 men (Ayre, Purslow, Broughton) in charge to oversee the sale, the 3 of them have the majority vote so they voted in favour of this new bid, hence the last ditch attempt by Hicks to remove both Ayre & Purslow & put his son in so they could have the majority back. Luckily the board pushed through the sale & accepted the deal from NESV. All thats left to do is it being approved by the Premier League, which Im sure it will seeing that they just want any new owner to purchase the club with money that belongs to them & not borrowed (just like LFC's terms). Though Hicks & Gillett are going to challenge the boards decision seeing as they want to reject any bid unless they are happy with it. So now a legal process with follow with Hicks & Gillett taking on  Broughton, Purslow & Ayre with regards to their decision to sell. In my honest opinion, H & G dont stand a chance, as the only hole they dug was not for the new stadium, but for themselves with regards to out numbering themselves on the board. So they have no say in the matter of the sale. Hopefully the courts will see what is clear as day light to everyone else & agree that the sale was legit so it can send these 2 money grabbing bastards home for good! 

As for our soon to be new owner John Henry, I did some reading up on him in the morning, ever so brief but from what Ive seen so far, he looks legit. I know with our past owners being American, it does make us more worried that he is one too, but we cant judge a majority on  two arse faces. He took the Red Sox to new heights, with them winning two world series (what ever the fuck that is) since his reign, that feat that was never done before for the club. He also is hands on with the club but leaves the sport to handle itself. I know in my previous post I asked for someone who knew about football, Im not sure how clued up he is about it, but lets hoping if he doesnt he learns fast! I think he will keep Roy onboard as he hasnt had a chance to prove himself. Rafa had teething problems as well albeit not this bad but maybe if the sale goes through the confidence in the ranks will rise & players will start playing again, fans will start singing again & we'll start winning again! But hey thats just me, Im trying to stay positive. As we getting ever so close to getting something we wanted for so long, which is getting rid of those two.

Lastly, I would like to apologise to Martin Broughton & Christian Purslow, I said in my previous post that they were brought in mainly to give us false hope, but it seems they did want what was best in the club. After beeing told by the owners that they were unhappy with the bid, they forced it through in anycase because they know its whats best for the club & to move forward. Now they will find themselves in court to fight for the course. I wish them well & thank them once again for having the balls to stand up to Hicks & Gillett. Yes Im sure they will receive bonuses from the sale, as would any business its part of how things work. What the figure will be, that Im entirely unsure off but what ever the case is, long as our club is in better hands is what counts the most.

Lets hope by the end of this horrific episode that all things in Anfield will come right, it will take time & there isnt a quick fix for something like this but it can only get better as I feel we already seeing the worse of it. Lets hope its the end of the storm & the golden skies come where we can hear the sweet silver songs of lark.

You'll Never Walk Alone

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