Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So as you all know by now, the high court ruled in favour of RBS along with the Liverpool FC board in the case against Hicks & Co. As detailed in my last post, Hicks & Gillett looked to appeal the sale of LFC to NESV due to them not accepting the bid by John Henry. They felt they still had the power to control the sale, but like I said by them giving power to the board i.e Broughton, Purslow & Arye they effectively shot them self in the foot. The "3 musketeers" as they could be known now stood up for us, for the club & we can only thank them for getting us out of this mess that Rick Parry & David Moores got us into.

The court also ruled that Hicks & Gillett have no right to appeal the ruling and they must fit the bill for the trial as well, which could be as much a $500,000. Hows that for a kick in the nuts? 

Liverpool could sell the club to anyone at the moment, especially with Peter Lim making an improved offer, but I think the deal is pretty much set in stone with NESV. Plus Lim has a string of Manchester United bars in Asia, does he really think we'll let him have anything to do with our club with something like that on his name?

To the three I salute you, & to John Henry & NESV, I welcome you, but dont think this is with open arms. You saw what power the LFC fans have over any body. So dont by any chance under estimate the power of the 12th man.

Lets hope for us that the storm is now gone, because we're ready to start singing again.
You'll Never Walk Alone


  1. for the anfield faithfull I'm pleased. not to rain on the party but I somehow think you guys have gone from the fire to the frying pan...only time will tell I guess...

  2. Quite honestly I don't think Broughton, Purslow & Arye did this for the fans o the love of the game or for loyalty.
    The fans would be daft to think that the big players are not motivated by money.
    For the sake of the beautiful game we all hope for a good outcome. The reality however may be a much different picture.
    As the Chinese saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for. You may just get it."

  3. Well it seems the ink was hardly dry on my comment above when Hicks and Gillet fired their latest salvo.
    The temporary injunction expires on October 25th at 9am.
    I think the battle has only just started.
    Alutta continua.

  4. I was reading your comments last night as news broke. Its crazy I tell you!