Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hold the phone, what?

So no sooner than a day since my last blog post Victorious which highlighted LFC's victory in the high court against the hill billys, another "official statement" emerged on Liverpool FC's official website. We as fans we expecting to see a statement from the club around that time in any case. Seeing that on that evening that board called in a meeting & Mr John W Henry invited to sit in on behalf of NESV to conclude the sale of the club to the franchise.

John's arse must have hardly warmed the chair that he was seated on before the news broke of Hicks & Gilletts Texan court injunction which prohibits the board from concluding the sale of the club to NESV. LFC have stated that this is unwarranted & have appointed lawyers in Dallas to overturn the injunction. Hicks is also claiming $1.6 billion in damages. What damages? if he wants to claim for damages, we'll damage his face so he has something to claim for!

Broughton is confident that the TRO (temporary restraining order) will be overturned as it holds no substance & looks like it was prepared hastily after yesterdays ruling as it bares little facts. Now its comforting to know that it doesnt hold much but what this does is hampen the sale process & keeps the matter dragging on. Thankfully John Henry has stated today that he is prepared to wait no matter how long it takes. He will be the new owner of Liverpool FC... when ever that will be.

Hicks, all I can say is that you are the biggest cock the world has seen. I havent seen children being so clingy in my life. Why is it so hard for you to understand that we hate you, we hate what you've done to our club, we hate your lies, we hate the mere sight of you! You're doing nothing but drag your name in the horse shit from the high horse we offered you last week. If anything, what you're doing is making your name in the business & sporting world worse. Who is on this god forsaken planet will want to do business with you after this debacle? Just accept defeat & go sit on prairie & chew on some hay.

In the words of your son "Blow me fuck face"


This just in!

Reports are breaking that Tom Hicks & George Gillett have sold their stake in Liverpool FC to Mill Financial,
in turn owned by Springfield Financial who have links with the Washington Redskins American Football team, may be acting on behalf of another, as yet unnamed and unknown group who have put themselves in a position to move in at the 11th hour and take over the club.Therefore he has taken on the debt from RBS & will pay it off! This is just getting too fucking ridiculous for my liking!

Rumors are that Mill has jumped in the last minute to save H&G to clear their debt leaving the door open for Kenny Huang, the Chinese billionaire to come in & buy it off Mill.... Okay now I know I confused you lot but I think this is the story.

Apologies as before I stated Mill Financial was owned by Peter Lim

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