Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whats going on?

Okay so with all the conflicting reports & rumors coming in, it was confusing to say the least. Firstly lets clear up one thing, Peter Lim has nothing to do with any of this. Now it has arisen that Mill Financial has moved in to buy the shares of KOP holdings which is owned by Hicks & Gillett. They bought Gilletts shares quite a while back apparently. (not sure if they were the LFC ones or some other team he fucked up). Point being if they have done so, they are now "the owners". The question I ask is, surely the sale of the club needs the approval of the board? which I can garuntee right now they wont as they already have NESV in a binding deal. From what Ive gathered, Mill are a hedge fund, which essentially go around buying companies that are in trouble, bailing them out & then selling it for the biggest profit they can. Its believed that the buyout by Mill was fueled by Kenny Huang, the Chinese Billionaire who previously publicly stated he was interested in buying the club, but the board felt his offers had many loop holes hence it was over looked. Now If this is true, that means after the board get the TRO that was issued squashed this afternoon at the high court, it could be too late for them to step in to do anything about this one. The NESV deal will be dead & Mill be in complete control.

I do how ever feel that the board have a valid case to fight with in court with regards to the sale. As I have stated before, they have not given their approval. Also the Premier League has to review Mills offer of purchase & see they are financially fit to take over ownership of Liverpool FC.

Dont think this is the end, because I've been fooled before. So for the next few days, if you're a Liverpool supporter, hang on to your seats!

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