Saturday, October 16, 2010

Its Done

John W Henry-

After days that can only be described as "manic" its finally done, as of yesterday 5pm South African time New England Sports Ventures are now the owners of Liverpool Football Club. The deal was concluded at the offices of Slaughters & May in London where John W Henry signed on the dotted line & by doing so paid over all remaining debt owed to RBS & ridding LFC of its negative balance. We can proudly say that our club is 100% debt free.

Obviously one doesn't find £300 million lying in their  back pocket & we are not entirely sure how NESV raised the money but one thing is for sure if the money was loaned out it was not taken under Liverpool FC's name, also note that the English Premier League put the NESV under their new assessment test to see if they were fit enough to own a premiership club which they passed. So if the EPL are happy we can rest assured to be happy as well.

Tom Hicks - Cunt face

Now it wouldn't be Hicks like if he just let the matter slide, not wanting to jump the gun like the other day I didnt want to blog anything until I was 100% sure. So lets go through what transpired, on Thursday we learnt that Mills Financial had purchased the shares of George Gillett & were in the process of buying Tom Hicks stake, but obviously before doing that they had to under go the assessment from the EPL, yesterday morning we learnt that they did approach the EPL in order for them to be asses ed, the EPL rejected this which meant even if they did purchase Hicks stake of the club they wouldn't have been allowed to go through. Also early yesterday morning as Hicks & Mill were awaiting to hear from the EPL with regards to the test, the TRO issued by the Texan court was lifted obviously to allow the deal for Mill to go through, but after failing to under go the test this paved the way for NESV to conclude their deal. After accepting defeat Tom Hicks kept his stance on him wanting to sue LFC & the board for $1.6 billion in damages, Tom... the club is worth £300 million, your team of  "qualified evaluators" claimed the club was worth £823 million, how in gods name do you end up with a figure of $1.6 billion? He keeps referring to this term "epic swindle" & he claims the Martin Broughton & the board were part of an "organised conspiracy" to get rid of him and tarnish his name... again Tom, they didnt need to do that, you already did that before Martin came in. Anyway he has now dropped this damages claim but says he will pursue legal action against the club & RBS because this has "damaged & hurt his family" ... oy fuck face! look what you did to OUR CLUB! RBS have rubbished his comment saying they are willing to fight anything he throws at them, as far as they are concerned they are happy with the deal.

Christian Purslow, John W Henry, Martin Broughton

Getting back to our new owners, Henry made his way up to merseyside to look at his new purchase, understandably he said there was a lot of work needed to be done to get Liverpool FC back at the top, but his words were encouraging "We are here to win" is what he said, it will take time & Roy will need patience but this is no doubt the biggest step forward for the club. Spirits have surely been lifted by this & I have no doubt that the players feel the same way as the fans, infact Jamie Carragher just put pen to paper on a new contract! Henry didnt make too many promises about transfer funds, nor any suggestion for a new stadium but he did say he will work with the club to get it back on top where we belong. So to my faith full Liverpool supporters, all I can say hang in there as the worst is over. Lets look forward to the future, Im not going to be coy by saying we will win the EPL title anytime soon but lets just focus on a finish in the top 4. Its going to be tough with us lying in the bottom 3 but nothing is impossible... we all are well aware of that ... 2005.

Walk on, Walk on

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