Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What now?

Clueless Roy
After the dramatic events we've been through last week, some deluded Liverpool supporters seemed to have thought that by ridding the club of Hicks & Gillett we'll miraculously recover & get back to winning ways. Okay fine, I'll admit that I did think that by this heavy weight being lifted from us that the players would show some extra spark on the field, but I didnt expect them to go out their and tear Everton to shreds & win 15-0. A draw or a spirited 1-0 win at most was acceptable to hope for.

Seems like the players were deluded as those fans! Im sorry, Im all for the Liverpool way & not slate our players but some of them just didnt put in the effort. Its call a team for a reason, we cant get 1 or 2 individuals carrying us all the time. Everton out played us, plain and simple. It was their home ground, they had a point to prove. We should have taken the game to them and prove to John who sat on the stand watching his very first game as owner, that he invested in something big. Roy tried his utmost in the after match interview saying "this was the best performance his seen since taking over". Many comments were flying about on twitter about him sniffing glue, taking drugs or had something extra in his water bottle as none of us seen what his seen. To pin point each player and pick a fault will just be pointless, they know they werent good and its reflected on our league position. 19th is no laughing matter and with tricky fixtures coming up it wont be easy to get out of that position.

Many already calling for Roy's head, he said judge him after 10 games... 2 more to go, yes there is 30 games left, 90 points available, but saying we're going to win everyone one of them is a bit much right? I said in one of my previous blog posts that Roy at times looks clueless, Sundays game was the same. We were not playing well Roy, make a change, dont wait for something to happen you have to make it happen. Finally after 70 minutes we saw a first change, then a second. Both of which made a dramatic difference in our attack & saw some of our best chances created. Raul had a few cracks from outside the box, Torres had two good chances in the box, all of which could have changed the results for the game. Its the small things that make the big difference. Babel was not performing well in the previous 2 games but coming on as a sub, his pace caused Everton problems. Again we have to let Roy asses each player and their qualities, with all the off field bullshit its been hard to see each players true performance.

Frank Rijkaard
Rumors already did the rounds on Sunday after the Everton game of Rijkaard being lined up as a possible manager to take the reigns should the board relieve Roy from his services. Again, like one of my previous posts, best option was to let Kenny take over in the interim, surely he couldnt have done as bad as we have right now? They claim Roy is out of his depth, I dont really think so myself. You throw a person in the deep end with weights on their legs, you cant expect them to float, they have to undo the weights first. But might I add if Roy does go, Frank is possibly the best person for Liverpool, the rebuilding he did at Barca speaks for itself, many heap praise on Pep but its Frank that turned that club around, so maybe getting him wont be such a bad thing?

Many pundits are backing Roy & so will I, he is our manager, I will back the players too as they are our players. We've been through tough situations, we've managed to dig our selves out of holes, this one might be bigger than what we've ever gotten ourself into than before but nothing is impossible. Players know its them that are at fault, yes blame the manager but its only so much he can do, past week we've seen Pepe, Ryan, Jamie, Steven, Dirk & this week Joe all putting their hands up and saying they're not good enough. I hope to god they not just saying that for the press, because they are currently rubbish. We can turn this around & its got to start soon.

All it takes is one win, one performance to spark hope & belief in the team & the supporters. Let it start in Napoli on Thursday.

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