Friday, October 22, 2010

I tweet you

Twitter, many of you know me from it. Why do I tweet? because I can. People ask me some questions that I just cant reply to them on the medium so Im going to try to answer them on this blog.

I joined this social network back in early 2009, during the midst of the recession things were getting awkwardly quiet in the office and quite frankly sitting on Bookface wasnt really fulfilling the joys of a days entertainment for me. So like any twitter newbie I created an account, searched for Ashton Kutcher and "followed" him. I followed a few other international celebs at the time just to see what the hype was about. I must say it was pretty cool, seeing as a kid I often wondered what certain celebs were up to at that specific moment in time. So whilst enjoying the hourly updates from these star's I used to reply to many of them but with the millions they receive having them just read your one would be an achievement.

It didnt take a long time before most of the local celebs caught on with this social network and learnt of the potential it had in terms with marketing themselves and interacting with their fans. I must say never in my wildest dreams I thought I could actually get to chat and joke to someone like Kerry McGregor, but twitter allowed me too. Why Kerry? she was the on the poster on most boys my age wall, whether it was FHM, Wonderbra or SA Sports Illustrated, if Kerry was featured, I bought or watched the special on TV, like I told her recently, she is the messiah if SA Swimsuit models. Besides Kerry I am some how lucky I get to interact with many others in the modeling trade including future super model @Leeann_Roberts ☺, but its not only those, various Radio DJ's especially from 5FM, creative minds in the IT sector, sports stars, sports agencies, news networks & the average joe. Theres an interesting mixture of people out there on this place they called twitter. Sharing their random thoughts, jokes, ideas, news, or just random bullshit. If you like the veil that a certain person is typing out to the world, all you have to do is click "follow" and instantly you'll have them on your time line, but you already know all of this hence you reading my blog post - which is also by the way random bullshit mixed with some veil that my fingers are typing out.

Another reason I took keen interest to it (so I dont seem too much like a girly boy interested in the celeb world) was the fact that I could keep up to date track on the football transfer window. This is where I saw the magic happen. Up to the second updates on rumors, speculations and reports of which player is rumoured to go where, who's have a medical at which ground and who's sleeping with who's girlfriend... okay that last part was just John Terry but it was amazing to see I could get the news before any big sports network. Obviously they can only release the story once confirmed, so this was the quicker way to get the info. Plus most of the guys provide live sporting updates so when you're not near a TV, this is sure way to keep up to date with the scores. Didnt catch the score? just ask and someone will reply.... like @naeemh7.

Seeing that I am approaching 40 000 tweets, people often ask me "do you have a life?" Yes I do and a blow up doll named Cindy. Jokes aside, after my tweetbud @StaceyWest24 informed me I was crazy (or something to that effect) upon reaching 34 000, I thought lets see why my count is that high. Seems like I got the knack of replying to everyone that replies to my tweets. Guess I dont want to be that rude bastard that ignores everyone, plus the people that follow me (all 958 of you- spambots included), well those that do reply, deserve answer. I personally hate asking something that falls onto deaf ears so I would expect the same from others. Then there is this tendancy for it to turn into more of a conversation at times eg: with @azipops, but hey it does no harm, like they say, if you dont like it, unfollow!

Then you get those that ask "How do I get so many followers?" Well my reply 99% will be "fuck know's" because its the truth, I have no idea, I just tweet and they follow, sure that Follow Friday thing helps to get  3,4 people, but its during the week, mainly in the evenings my follow-ship grows. Maybe you guys are Vampires? Sure I could hire someone like @MishtotheD to get me more followers on a daily basis (she can, this one is good) but why? If they want to follow they can, if they dont, fine by me. I dont think its some ego driven thing where by the more followers you have the more cool you are, the person with 12 could be the most interesting guy on twitter.

There are times where I do find myself tweet less, but then something I spot on my time line will kick start the half used brain of mine to reply. It keeps me going and the same time I am reading, I was told when I was small that reading was good as it stimulates the mind. No better way if you ask me.

I wouldnt say Im an "addict" ok well when Im not at my PC, Im on my phone which does looking rather stupid and my mom gets annoyed, but it does have its perks's like...

and more recently some balls from @JuicyJemma

Besides free stuff I got to meet some really interesting people, from the likes of Ballito's Apple fundy @MarcForrest to Joburgs Ginger car nut @DaveTheCarGuy. There's a broad spectrum of people on there so why limit yourself to following only certain individuals of certain interests. Sure follow the odd celeb but as I found out its the local people you want to get to know, especially us South Africans. We have an awesome bunch of people with brilliant idea's and thoughts, that will reply to you when you ask them something. Or just generally for pure entertainment, so much so I'd say we do have some characters that you would pay to see on stage. Plus you never know what that person you follow might just turn out to be...

Happy Tweeting!


  1. very well said sir. I used to always hear @djfreshsa talk about stuff on his show. He'd say "on twitter from @amg133". I then followed @amg133 even though he was a liverpool supporter! I can confirm that he does reply to every @ sent to him. Even the sometimes dumb @'s I send to him.

  2. im still trying to figure out why theres a disclaimer before i can read your blog. I didnt find any porn. dissapointed!