Friday, October 22, 2010

Yankee Doodle

So not less that 2 weeks ago we witnessed the Liverpool board pull off an "Epic Swindle" with its Texan owners who practically held our club hostage with debt, played around with the fans and drove a manager to resign.

So after news came out of Old Trafford this week of Wayne Rooney wanting to leave, it just didnt make sense to me. Why would boy wonder want to leave a club thats given him so much? & at the same time he done so much for the club? I didnt believe the rumors, then Alex said in a press conference before their Champions League game and confirmed that Rooney is unhappy and wants to leave. Just didnt make sense to me one bit, why would Alex say these things? Ronaldo was unhappy for over a season because of his desire to join Real but Alex did not once say to the media that he wanted to go. The very next day Wayne Rooney releases a press statement, stating he wants to leave after holding talks with David Gill and did not receive an answer giving him assurance that the club will have money available to compete with the top clubs around Europe. Okay fine that is a general cause of concern for any player but come now? If you're unhappy from August, why sulk now? 2 months into the season?

Heres what I think went down, hold on to your seats as this may get confusing:

United, the force of the English Premiership, like it or not they are. Owned by the Glazers, riddled with debt amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds, heck some even saying its touching a billion now! Any time United could implode under all of this. As it was Glazers kept things rather tight, past few seasons United hardly caused a stir in the transfer windows with Alex claiming he already has all the players he wants, yeah right whiskey breath, who you're kidding? United simply couldnt match the asking figures of the players they wanted, losing out on Benzima, Villa just to name a few.

Alex knew this, the fans knew this & more importantly the players at the club knew it! what to do? Commence operation Yankee Doodle. whats that? Well in every heroic story there has to be some one that takes the fall, who is Uniteds biggest star? Fathead of course, with his dismal world cup and twisted fantasies played out in a hotel room, there was no better candidate! What was the plan? Make everyone think he is unhappy at the club, but how? Whats the root of the problem? Glazers not willing to commit money for transfers, that means no new talent coming in, so they use this as their main agenda for Rooney wanting to leave. So Rooney has this "meeting" with David Gill, he cant give him assurances that new players will be brought in, Rooney is distraught and wants to "leave". Alex states this in the media, causes a stir, next step, Rooney issues a statement outlining why. Fans get angry, worlds media turns to Manchester, rumors fly about on where Rooney could end up, all of this no doubt gets to the higher level in the Glazer office. What happens? the VERY next day they fly in to Manchester for crisis talks. Gill & Fergie along with Shrek sit down with them, out lining what they want, when they want it and they must provide or else. The Glazers are practically held for ransom by their star player? What else can they do besides concede?

Bingo today Wayne Rooney signs a 5 year contract with the club! Why? they got what they all wanted.

So you see, fat head was never really going to leave, sure the fans would hate his living guts but after he pops a few into the back of the net you think those inbreds will give a shit? NO! Plus if United were such in a decline, why in  gods name are they currently on a 18 game unbeaten streak? They still in the top 4. Things surely arnt that bad? Alex was managing this situation well, so well done to the arse, this was a brilliant move. but this only solves things for the short term, there is no doubt that in the future something like this could happen again, so they need to get rid of the Glazers fast, for the good of football.

please bare in mind this is my theory of the events, not factual but it may well be true

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  1. I decided to wait until after Liverpools game against Blackburn before commenting.
    I'm glad I did :) Otherwise I would have been elbow-deep in humble-pie right about now.

    I'm not sure the Glazers were conned into the deal as much as I believe they realized pretty quickly that between Sir Alex and the team, the boys wield some serious power.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again, the teams to beat this season are going to be Chelsea and Man City. It's no coincidence that they are also the teams with the deepest pockets.