Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What are you doing?

Let me be straight up and honest first, Ive heard the stories on the radio, saw bits of it in the news but havent sat and read any of the articles written on the incident.

What am I talking about? The recent drugging and gang raping of a school girl in Gauteng. Not only was she raped by more than one male, there were other students present to witness this! Im sorry, since when was this type of thing entertainment?! But wait, as they say in TV infomercials "there's more!" some of the spectators (if I can use the term) were videoing this on their cellphones... this is our countries future? Im scared to shit, no wonder some want to run away to Australia, but thats for another topic and another blog.

I dont know if its just me, but if I knew about something like this going down, the last thing I'd do is hang around to watch, let alone record it! I'd go tell someone with some sort of authority to stop it. But thats just me, maybe Im strange like that. This poor girl, knocked out of her senses lied helplessly as each of these monsters took their turn at her. Okay well maybe thats where I should have started, these spawn of satan that decided it would be a good idea to do this. What the hell must go through ones head to conduct something like this? Surely they need some sort of mental help to rid their minds of such evil ideas? I dont care who they did it to or what that person did in the past, NO ONE deserves to go through that!

Guys that do that to woman are the scum of all things made, they shouldnt be allowed to roam around and instead should be kept in a living hell. Date rape is a common thing world wide, just the other week someone I know had something slipped in her drink at a nightclub, luckily she was with friends and stayed with them, so they took her home to recover.

This incident on the other hand happened in a school, a secure environment, or so we thought. We all know that bullying and fights go on in schools, of course we had that one incident with a samurai sword which was.. well tragic and freaky and totally different to this but bottom line is, kids go to school to learn, not to worry if they're going to be drugged and raped, and seeing that even after this incident was reported, the police felt that the perpetrators should at least write their exam first before they take any action. Ya because in jail you need to be clever hey? thats why you sitting there in the first place. I hope to god that these guys are brought to book and given the punishment they deserve and they turn a blind eye to their age, because they sure as hell knew what they were doing so they must face the consequences!

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