Monday, November 15, 2010

Woy Way

So I tried not to blog about football again after my manic October which saw me break all sorts of records on this blog page but I just had to blog again of Liverpool's recent form and the antic's from our Manager that many love to hate. Roy "Woy" Hodgson. Now you know my views on him already, but to put in brief, his good but I feel not cut out to handle the pressures of a modern day top flight club and I feel that the club should have brought in Kenny Dalglish as a stand in manager but thats done and dusted.

Last week Sunday was our (Gujerati) New Year, the same day that Liverpool were paid a visit by Chelsea. Now normally this fixture would have been marked on my calender and I planned my day accordingly to view the game. This time round I couldnt be bothered. We ended up out playing the Champions and won 2-0, with two stunning goals from El Nino himself. Maxi could have added a 3rd at the end but he chose to do a Drogba.

Now after watching this performance albeit a bit intoxicated at the time, I thought maybe Woy does know what his doing, maybe this was the match he proves to everyone that he can manage a top flight club. Then came the away game at Wigan, within the first 10 minutes, 1-0 up. That man Torres again. Looking good alright! Then the crap started, players lost their way, Wigan bossed us for the rest of the half and quite honestly should have equalised before the break, they ended up getting their equaliser a short while after the break. We looked completely out of our depth and this was against a team thats already mooted to go back to the Championship!

They were apologies and understandable excuses that the team was tired from playing 3 games in 7 days, but I beg to ask why not rotate? Its not like our squad is made up of superstars, give the young guys who want to prove a point a run. Guys like Pacheco, Wilson and dare I say it, Ngog! We are paying their wages right?

Anyway, with the scares of Pepe wanting to leave which would be monumental in our downward spiral as he has saved our behinds many a time, cleared by the club on Friday as non sense I thought the weekend could go on to be a good one for Liverpool Football club as all fans like to hear that their star players are happy to carry on playing for them, sadly it wasnt. We all know Stoke are not the easiest bunch of guys to play against. They are tough and play a game of football that seems to have fused a bit of rugby into it. They will break your players if they are not careful, add to that the freakishly long throw's by Delap and you're time at the Britannia might not be the most pleasant experiences. Now I didnt see the game, my brilliant PR skill's that Im blessed with arranged a meet with my family at the same time as kick off. The place we went to did have TV's but cousins that got their before me arranged for a table outside away from any TV... which turned out to be a very good thing seeing how the game went. 

Now what Im trying to understand is how can you go from beating Chelsea to drawing then losing to two mediocre teams? Was the victory against Chelsea just luck or did Woy really plan that tactical genius strategy? I think it was the first one seeing how these other two games panned out, the away supporters seem to think so to as they chanted "Dalglish Dalglish Dalglish" at the end of the game. Sure enough Woy heard and said they can chant who's ever name they wanted to but those were just a portion of the millions of fans LFC have... Woy, the entire world was chanting "Dalglish Dalglish Dalglish" at the time. I honestly think that Woy will do nothing significantly good with the club even if given the money to spend on good players so theres only 2 things that can be done now, 1. Woy steps down, or 2. John Henry tells the old timer to give it a rest.

I tweeted something on Saturday night: "I hate the feeling of a loss, but I hate the feeling of getting used to seeing us lose more". Its not something Liverpool fans should get used to, its not normal, we should be up there where we belong. This season is a big wake up call for so many reasons and the roller coaster isnt going to stop here I can guarantee you that, but just be sure that....

You'll Never Walk Alone

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