Thursday, January 6, 2011

Enough is Enough

 I, just like all of you have seen my team dragged through the gutters of despair over the past season and a half. Now its just getting down right ridiculous, from losing at home to Wolves, to snatching victory at last gasp against Bolton nothing can bring us back from an embarrassing defeat away to Blackburn. Our players look lost, unguided and clueless as to what to do. Tactics seem to be the same no matter what the situation is, and players look unmotivated when they play. One player in particular who seems to have lost hope is Fernando Torres. I dont doubt his talents one bit but I he has looked a quarter the player he use to be. Often gets frustrated with lack of service to him and ends up mucking up the chances he does get. I think team tactics are reason for him to behave in this manner, if you play a certain way and excel in it, why change the system and be forced to do something that doesnt work? Or if it does work only at times. We've been branded a long ball team many a time in the previous seasons by jealous managers but we knew we played a variety, now its becoming clear that the type of game we do play is generally that. The rest of the team has nothing to write home about either, our defense is in a shambles, the midfield is all over the place and our wingers lack the accuracy of delivering a good ball into the box and the very few times they do get it right , theres no one in there to put it away.

You time is up Roy
Overall saying our away performances this season are "poor" is being modest, most of the games we were outplayed and in some cases outclassed by our opposition. The failure by our manager to change tactics or personnel in the team to force a difference has been lacking , quite honestly, like I said in my previous post on Roy Hodgson, he is out of his depth at Liverpool. He might feel he can change fortunes around, which is nice seeing that he refuses to give up but what he must understand is that he's doing more damage to the team than making it any better. He claims that this team he has isnt his, so we should give him a chance. We've got quality players here and by him bringing in the likes of Konchesky and Poulsen makes me shudder to think what "his team" would look like. Joe Cole came out the other day saying the players support the manager, of course he said that. What else was he suppose to say? Saying it is one thing and watching the shenanigans go on during matches tells the true story. Roy, before you make matters worse for yourself, just leave. The supporters have told you, and if you havent noticed, most of the players are telling you on the pitch that you are just not good enough. The sooner you leave, the better it would be for all of us.

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  1. Amen Big Guy, I have never seen a team look more lost home or away, inconsitency is the order of the day. When I think Rafa with 10 - 15 injuries managed to guide us to a top 7 spot last season and Woy with 1 injury can't guide us to there again, I shudder with trepidation for what is still to come.

    Away from home, Fullham won? nothing. Liverpool away from home have won? 1. The only difference is the players won that won and Woy had nothing to do with it.

    Enough is Enough, woy Fuck off and go nit.